Supermodel Frederique Van Der Wal takes viewers behind the scenes of the global flower trade in a special Travel Channel series. Premiering Monday, Nov. 28, "The Invisible Journey With Frederique: Flowers" is an entertaining journey of fun, fashion and facts linked by the people working in this international industry. Inspired by the Dutch flower industry's decision to name a lily after her, a huge honor, Frederique tracks the amazing journey flowers take.

Her curiosity begins as she organizes bouquets for her sister-in-law’s baby shower in New York City. Frederique travels to Lake Naivasha, Kenya, home of the famous flamingos and flowers, to visit a flower farm. The flower industry is a major employer in the region, and Frederique visits their homesteads and learns of the perils of growing flowers when workers, lives are regularly threatened by wild buffalo.

Following their shipments, she heads to Amsterdam to participate in the world's largest flower auction. The Alsmeer Flower Auction is the world’s largest, handling 60 percent of the flowers picked anywhere in the world in this $ 2 billion dollar a year business.

Frederique then meets a group of scientists who create new varieties of flowers. She takes a keen interest in the process, as these are the people who developed the lily that soon will bear her name. The program also highlights the official naming ceremony and fashion show at the Keukenh of Garden, just outside of Amsterdam, commemorating her extraordinary career when Frederique meets her lily for the first time.

Finally, it is back to New York City, where Frederique helps deliver flowers in the middle of the night to the famous flower district. Consulting with her floral designer, Frederique determines the perfect types of flowers for the arrangements at the baby shower she’s hosting.

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