Okay. I'm freaking out a little bit. I. Loved. This. Episode. Loved it. I had this huge smile on my face the whole time I was watching, and it just kept getting better and better as I watched. When it comes to Suits, any bromantic interaction between Harvey and Mike is like crack to me. Now, I don't particularly ship them in the romantic sense, but if I did, this episode would give me material up the wazoo. And as a girl who loves the brotherly dynamic between the two of them, this episode was so extremely exciting. And there were other exciting things too, including the case with Ava really heating up, and Rachel and Mike's continuously adorable interactions.

That being said, I'll start off this review with a few things that I didn't love. That way, the bulk of the review can just be an uninterrupted rant about all the awesome. But first, the not-so-awesome.
Katrina. I just do not have any clue what they're doing with this character. I haven't liked her from the second she was introduced. And I know you're not supposed to like her exactly, but that's not what I mean. Her character just feels out of place in this world. Whenever she's in an episode, I have to remind myself why I'm supposed to care at all. Her plot in this episode was just more of the same... she isn't considered important in the firm, and she tries to weasel her way in using whatever means necessary. 

The fact that she and Louis are now working together makes me mad, but at least I have hope that Katrina is only Louis' rebound associate. It could potentially be interesting to see how these two conniving minds work together in the future, but I hope we get to see Louis being the good guy here. He didn't have much of a plot this week, but I was actually okay with that because there were just so many other things to focus on in this episode. As we move forward, I hope to see something new come out of Katrina's character, or otherwise I just want her gone.

The other weak-ish part of the plot for me was the introduction of Stephen Huntley. Basically, he's supposed to be the British version of Harvey. In my opinion, it's lazy storytelling to create characters that are such obvious mirrors of other characters. It's fine in the case of Nigel and Louis, because we've already seen how different they really are, and the comparisons are mostly comedic in nature. But in the case of Harvey and Stephen, I just found myself rolling my eyes at the whole thing. Maybe I'm judging too quickly. Maybe they will do something really cool with his character and it will be all insightful and make me understand more about Harvey himself. Maybe.

But at this point I'm not that optimistic.

I'll also just briefly mention that Cameron was pretty pointless in this episode. I didn't dislike the scenes he was in, but I just don't really know why they keep bringing out the same tired old villain. I hope his character either goes away or becomes more interesting in the near future.

Okay, now for all the things I loved about this episode!

Starting with... Donna and Stephen. Okay, I know I just said that Stephen was a con, but I did really find myself intrigued by the possibility of Donna having a relationship with him. I think it might force Harvey to evaluate who Donna really is to him. It should be an interesting dynamic, if nothing else. And it was pretty hot to watch Donna flirt with him. She is quite a goddess. (I think my favorite thing, though, was when Stephen was trying to talk about Donna to Harvey, and Harvey basically goes "haha you know she can hear everything, right?")
Then we've got Jessica. Basically, she just popped in here and there and scolded Harvey this week, but despite the small amount of screen time, we cannot help but remember how awesome she is, even from the few seconds we see her. While ultimately nothing special in this episode, Jessica's presence continues to hover over the story as a whole, and it makes me anxious to see how Harvey's whole takeover plan is going to go down.
Louis. He also didn't get a lot of time this week (as I mentioned earlier) but it was okay, because we saw enough to set up the future. Katrina annoys the heck out of me, but hopefully their story is going somewhere. We got to see how Louis is hurt by Mike's "betrayal" and how Harvey totally understands what that feels like. Seriously, if I shipped Harvey/Mike, I would have had a field day with this scene. All the relationship metaphors were adorable. The stuff about a rebound associate... and how Louis wants a meaningful relationship... and Harvey saying he'll find the right one eventually... my goodness gracious, I almost died from happiness.

Rachel and Mike! These two were so cute this week! We continued to see their relationship grow and develop, and once again I was so impressed by the maturity present in both of them. I mean, yeah, they were being immature in their ideas to fight back against Katrina, but they were working together. Rachel told Mike that she had "interfered" in his relationship with Donna and Harvey, and Mike accepted what she did, as a reasonable human being should do. Basically, they were so cute I threw up a little. But in a good way.

Then there's the case. I love the idea of having one continuing case tying through these episodes. It's a different sort of plot arc than they used in the first two seasons, but it's been really effective thus far. I already feel like I know Ava as a character, and I'm interested to know more. I'm so happy they are continuing to explore the moral implications of a case in which the client is most likely guilty. And not just guilty of bribery anymore. Ava is now implicated in murder. It's a lot darker than the show has dared to be since the days of Trevor, and I find myself really excited to sink my teeth in even further. Mike and Harvey are both extremely dedicated to their morals, even if their morals are different from one another. To see them handle this together will be fascinating.

And I've saved the Harvey and Mike moments for last. Because. Feelings. At the start of the episode, I was waiting anxiously to see them get back to their usual banter. They did not disappoint. The "Butch and Sundance" conversation was hilarious and touching. Mike looked so adorably enthusiastic about bantering with Harvey again, it just melted my heart. And if that wasn't enough, we see Harvey trusting Mike to help with the case. We see Mike making great contributions. We see Mike getting angry when Katrina tries to step in on his territory (basically, Mike is all "no, Harvey's mine!! Stay away!!"). I absolutely loved that Donna stepped in and backed Mike up, essentially confirming that Mike is back with the team for good.

When Harvey came in and started yelling at Katrina, I had the biggest grin on my face. He defended Mike in no uncertain terms, basically announcing that he'd risk Katrina exposing the truth about how she got her job if she tried to mess with Mike Ross again. Aww. I thought this scene would be the end of it, but then, no. It got better. Immediately afterwards, we see Rachel telling Mike about what happened. Mike had the biggest grin on his face when he realized that Harvey had defended him. And then I thought that was the end of it. But it wasn't.

Get this: Mike actually, straight up, tells Harvey that he knows what went down. And Harvey admits that when he saw Katrina, he couldn't help but yell at her. And Mike says thank you in the only way he really can with Harvey, by making a joke.

And then I thought... there's no way there will be more bromance in this episode. I will simply die if they give me more. And they did! The last scene was really intense. Mike and Harvey talk about Ava. They both agree that she's guilty, but they're going to do everything they can to defend her anyway. Harvey pours Mike a drink. Mike is confused and also (not so secretly) pleased. "We never had drinks before," he says. Harvey tells Mike that they hadn't quite gotten back together as a team. Not yet.

But it's not Mike's fault - it's Harvey's. He's been keeping secrets. And then he tells Mike about the plan to take over Jessica. This was one of those things that I didn't know I wanted until I had it. Harvey volunteered this information to Mike. He trusted him with it and he wants him in on the plan. I really loved the way this episode ended. It made me ridiculously excited to see what comes next.

So. In summary? This episode was a build-up. I didn't like certain parts about it (Stephen and Katrina in particular) but I need to trust that the writers have a plan for where these characters will be going. What made this particular installment such a success in my eyes was all the Harvey/Mike stuff. But then, I've always been a sucker for bromance, so I might not be the most objective of authorities.
Can't wait for next week!

Grade: 8.5/10