There are only two shows with finale episodes that regularly cause us to have heart problems. One is Strike Back and the other, believe it or not, is Suits. The folks on the Suits writing staff know how to build their seasons to points where there is a ridiculous amount of tension and emotional payoff. "This Is Rome" is no exception to that rule, while simultaneously reminding us of things that have been brewing underneath the surface of this show since season one.

Harvey clearly has some anger issues he's in the middle of working out when the newly unemployed Louis strolls into his gym. "I need your help," he says, and for once Harvey is willing to help right off the bat. That's until Louis mentions what he needs: he wants three companies that he brought to the firm, because without clients behind him, he's of no value to any other firm. Unsurprisingly, when Harvey presents this request to Jessica, she's not willing to budge an inch. Clearly frustrated, Harvey leaves her to act superior - and put the screws to Katrina Bennett - while Rachel, Mike and Donna face the unenvious task of cleaning out Louis's former office.

"I got you something," Harvey tells Louis when they reconvene, having lined up a position as general counsel at Proctor & Gamble - in Cincinnati. "Take this job and fight your way back here," he encourages, but Louis is having none of this. "I don't have to go to Cincinnati to fight my way back here," he retorts. "I can goddamn fight Jessica." And it is on, kids.

After those words, he strides into Jessica's office and demands his clients back, pointing out a line in the bylaws that requires her to have notified said clients of his departure, which makes those clients fair game. "If you're not going to give them to be, you better strap in, because I'm going to take them," he snaps at a stone-faced Jessica, before walking into Katrina in the hallway. She tells him that his former clients were notified - by her, in person, because Jessica made her. His battle plan just got toasted. After telling her that he doesn't hold her responsible, Louis storms back out just as quickly as he came in.

Watching what's happening to Louis and knowing how Jessica doesn't like him, Mike wants a big problem to solve so that he can cover his own behind. Harvey tells him about a merger between two pharmaceutical companies that's got one big hitch in it, and sets Mike on the issue.

Donna being Donna, she suggests to Harvey that he proposed Louis a job in the wrong city, and then goes to visit Louis at the firing range, where she shoots better than he does. "Connecticut junior pistol championship finalist, three years in a row," she gloats, before saying that Harvey can make another call, this one to send him to Boston - the home of Louis's ex-fiancee Sheila. "Tell him to make the call," Louis says.

Cut to Sheila (Rachael Harris) stunned to see Louis in her office, declaring that he's there to take her back. What he gives next is a speech worthy of any romantic movie. Unfortunately, it doesn't go as well as he (or we) were hoping; after getting it out of him that he quit his job before he decided to come to Boston, and then reminding him that she still doesn't want kids, she tells him it was good to see him and kicks him out. Wow, we really don't like her right now.