Elsewhere, Katrina tries to get on Donna's good side with cookies, with Donna quipping that "I'm remembered fondly everywhere." The newbie demands to know who Louis is and says she wants to throw him through a plate glass window. Afterward, Katrina approaches Louis, offers an apology, and seemingly begs for his help on her case. She convinces him to sign on as her first chair, calling him "my knight in shining armor." The overly peppy score in the background makes it obvious this is too nice to be true.

Harvey calls Rachel into his office, wanting to know if her presence in the room during Robert's planned deposition will rattle her father. When she says she doesn't think that he would care, Harvey tells her that it's an indication "he cares about you more than you know." Still, Robert calls it "a stunt" when he arrives and sees Rachel in the conference room.

The deposition is terse. It comes out quickly that Pearson Hardman is representing Sloane Moseley against the company that she claims wrongfully passed her over for promotion numerous times in favor of less qualified men. Robert uses the same 'you should've tried something else' rhetoric on Sloane, which doesn't impress Rachel at all. When Mike cuts off the deposition at that point, she walks into the men's room and tells him "Don't do that shit again," saying that it embarrassed her. He retorts that the case isn't about her against her father, but their client against the company.

While Mike then tells Harvey he went too far in his handling of the deposition, Jessica doesn't think he went far enough, as Sloane has informed her of her want to settle the case. Harvey's response is to find Robert, who is as smarmy as ever, telling him that "The settlement is gone. You want something, come take it at trial."

Back with the 'B' story, Louis angrily tells Katrina that he's just incurred a massive fine for missing a hearing, claiming that she told him the wrong day. "This is a fight you don't want to have," he tells her. "You lied to me, and you know it." But when she asks who he's going to tell, he just departs, still seething. Everyone's in a fighting mood around Pearson Hardman this week.

The next time she's in court, he conveniently pops into the courtroom, allegedly to give her files back. She rebuffs him, but discovers that he does have them - she's holding pictures of Louis Photoshopped as various Presidents. As Louis leaves with what she needs, the judge orders a flustered Katrina to hand over what she's got, and if they're not "legitimate court documents," then she'll be in for a major fine. Score is tied.

This incurs the wrath of Donna, who's surprised that Louis is comparing himself to DC Comics supervillain General Zod. She tells him to let his grudge against Katrina go, but he doesn't want to, and it turns into another discussion of his treatment at the hands of Harvey, with a little jab at Donna herself thrown in for measure. Donna leaves Louis's office after that.

The next morning, Mike approaches Harvey on the street with a new revelation about their gender discrimination suit: there were more than a hundred female employees who were passed over for promotion, with all of their reviews using "some combination of the same sixteen words" - coded language meant to shield the company from any one lawsuit such as theirs. Harvey and Mike gloat just a little when handing the list of names over to Robert.

You know who else is chipper? Louis, who arrives at the Federal Court Building all smiles, only to set off the metal detector with his gold-plated nail scissors. He has no idea how they got there, and when he tries to get them back, the security officer there slams his face into the table and places him under arrest. Katrina conveniently appears seconds later, and when Louis insists that it was her, the officer responds with "You think I don't know that?"

Rachel goes to her father's office and admits to her that she took the case because of what he said to her at her birthday lunch. He says that he's "watching you fail, and stall, and beat yourself up" and that it's tearing him up inside. She reveals that she got a 172 on her LSATs six weeks earlier, and this takes him by surprise, possibly because he scored a 177. Point made.

Katrina visits Louis in a holding cell, and he tells her that his problem with her is that "you took a job from somebody who deserved it more." That's not what she thought, and after they sort of bury the hatchet, she asks him if he's ready to call a truce, and tells him to keep his nail scissors in his own office.

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