With the first two episodes of Suits season 2.5 having addressed the major fallout at Pearson Hardman, it's time to dig back into the show's fantastic characters a bit more, starting with steely paralegal Rachel Zane.

Jessica interrupts Harvey and Mike's game of trash-can basketball to tell Harvey about the death of an opposing lawyer whom he describes as "a dick." When Harvey asks who's replacing the guy, the series abruptly cuts to Rachel having a birthday dinner with her father Robert (that's The Wire's Wendell Pierce), who informs her that he's taking over a gender discrimination case that pits him against Pearson Hardman. There's your answer, Harvey.

It's clear that Rachel and her father have an uncomfortable relationship, with Rachel accusing her father of being unable to even pretend she has what it takes to be a lawyer. When she asks him point-blank if he thinks she can do it, he replies that he wonders if she's considered trying something else. That causes her to get up and walk out.

Meanwhile at Pearson Hardman, new hire Katrina Bennett (guest star Amanda Schull) walks into her office to find Louis at her desk. He flings a few insults at her and then says that he'll be "forced to supervise her," unless she wants to "crawl back" to the District Attorney's Office. Katrina needs some ice for that burn.

Determined to prove something to her father, Rachel returns to the firm and asks Mike to put her on the discrimination case, and he's surprised to find out who her father is. "I'm offering to help you kick his ass," she says, "Are you going to make room for me or not?"

Apparently Harvey and Robert both think that the deceased prior counsel is a dick. Beyond that, when they can't agree to a renegotiation of the settlement that was previously agreed upon, Robert informs Harvey of his intent to redepose Sloane Moseley. As soon as he leaves, Harvey grills Mike about Rachel being the new paralegal on the case, and banter follows about Mike, Rachel and couches.

Robert then goes to Jessica's office and says he wants her to settle the case. The two insult Harvey's hair, saying he styles it like a girl, before Robert puts her off by saying that he knows that Pearson Hardman is in need of a high-profile win. Jessica tells Harvey, who calls the move "below the belt," and plans to "cut him off at the knees." It's on.