Suits returned last week with Pearson Specter revisiting Mike Ross's past. This week, it's both Mike and Jessica Pearson who go under the microscope again, resulting in one of the series' most emotionally charged episodes for Jessica and Harvey Specter.

Harvey's hanging out in Scottie's office since his girlfriend is back in London wrapping up her old business, much to Donna's amusement. He's somehow managed to procure a $12,000 bottle of scotch, which his assistant doesn't think is an appropriate welcoming gift. Talk again turns to the future of his new relationship. "We both know you're going to screw it up," she tells him. "I'm just trying to delay that as long as possible." There's something oddly cute about the fact that for as smart as Harvey is about many things, he's completely clueless about gift shopping - or the fact that there's such a thing as Secretaries' Day.

Meanwhile, Louis tells Mike that he invited Mike's old ethics professor, Henry Girard (Stephen Macht, the legendary father of Gabriel Macht), to the firm. It's his underhanded way of putting pressure on Mike, because he doesn't believe that Mike got an A-plus in Girard's class. He still isn't sure Mike went to Harvard at all, and threatens him with launching a formal investigation unless Girard recognizes his former student. "It's over, Mike," Louis warns. "I'm on to you, and I'm going to expose you for the lying piece of filth that you are." Ouch.

This naturally sends Mike running to Harvey for help, and Harvey decides to inform Jessica about the problem. Except when he goes to see her, Harvey finds out that Jessica's ex-husband Quentin has died from his ALS. Harvey offers to fill in for her if she wants time off, but Jessica tells him that her ex's second wife Lisa (Sharon Leal) is on her way to Pearson Specter for a discussion of his will, as Jessica and Harvey were named executors of Quentin's estate.

What follows is an awkward meeting where Lisa informs them that she already has a plan to sell Quentin's pharmaceutical company to another corporation. Her wanting to do this less than a week after her spouse's death doesn't sit well with Jessica, who gets a little snippy, much to Harvey's annoyance. "This is personal for you," he reminds her. "It's not personal for me."

After breaking the news to Rachel about the hot water he's in, Mike makes the drastic move of showing up on Louis's doorstep and making half an admission - saying that he never attended Girard's class, but sticking by the story that he went to Harvard. Mike spins a story about falsifying the A-plus in order to save himself, and how recalcitrant he is about that one mistake. Louis, however, isn't buying Mike's earnest attempt at misdirecting him, and slams the door in his face.

Rachel even tries to chime in on her boyfriend's behalf, going so far as to out their romance to Louis, which only results in Louis going to see Mike and insisting that he needs to come clean to Girard when the professor visits the firm. Mike knows this is impossible, and panics all over again.