Rachel comes to Donna believing that Louis is stealing Mike, believing that Harvey doesn't really want to lose Mike to Louis. Yet she's in for a shock when Donna retorts that Mike betrayed Harvey. She points out that she spent the last year keeping Mike's double life secret. "What I don't understand is when somebody takes loyalty like that and they throw it in the garbage," she says, putting the kibosh on the conversation.

Rachel tells Mike about the psuedo-fight when he gets back from winning his case, and Mike isn't happy with her, either. That starts a real fight between them, as Mike reveals to her that he previously broke up with her because Harvey told him not to tell her anything, and Rachel throws Harvey allowing him to be poached by Louis in his face. That leads Mike to storm into Harvey's office and admit that "I actually like working for Louis." Harvey responds to Mike's tirade by flat-out telling him that "You and I are done." Twice.

Jessica finds Harvey on the rooftop, drink in his hand and making a Hatfields & McCoys reference. The two of them sling accusations back and forth, going all the way back to Harvey bringing Mike into Pearson Hardman in the first place. Jessica admits that she regrets where their relationship has ended up. When he asks if she'd do it all again, her response is a question of her own: does he want her there with him for the next morning's deposition or not?

Apparently he does, because the two of them take Ava for a visit to Cameron's office in the morning, at which the ex-District Attorney is smug about the DVD getting out and a potential takeover of Hessington Oil. Harvey's response is to tell Cameron that he was never his mentor, Jessica was, and to get out of his face. The only way that scene gets any better is if Harvey had punched him in the face afterward.

But Harvey isn't the only one riled up; so is Rachel, who's shocked to hear that Donna also thought Mike needed to get over her. "You cared more about protecting Harvey than protecting me," Rachel says tearfully, after which Donna decides to "walk away before you and I can't go back."

At Nick's deposition, he admits to bribing the official, and Jessica grills him about his relationship with Ava. More damning, Harvey gets Nick to admit that if the takeover were to happen, he'd be the next in line. What's more interesting for Suits fans is that the way Jessica phrases things, the relationship between Ava and Nick doesn't sound too unlike the one that exists between Harvey and Mike, or to a degree, Jessica and Harvey. But that might be a moot point, because Louis is showing up on Mike's doorstep, officially asking him to become his new associate.

Cameron reluctantly tells Harvey that the U.S. Attorney wants him to make a deal, but it's contingent on Ava pleading "guilty" instead of "no contest," which would look like a win over Harvey in his book. Harvey contemplates whether or not he wants to feed Cameron's ego even if it's what's best for his client...for all of thirty seconds. He's determined to keep going, but Jessica wants to take the deal, and furthermore tells Harvey if she had everything to do over again, she would. That sticks with Harvey, even as Ava signs the deal and heads back to London. Donna points out that if he's going to blame Jessica for everything, he ought to consider forgiving Mike.

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