Donna walks into Harvey's office and finds him trying to cover for the missing toxicology report he discovered the night before, causing a fight between the two of them in which he makes the very wrong move of telling her that he's above her. A rightly infuriated Donna slams the door behind her as she leaves him there.

While he may have been bluffing in the past, Harvey calls Cameron's bluff in the present, questioning the viability of his witness, but Cameron and his ego will not be stopped. He merely offers Harvey a deal for Ava: nine years with the possibility of parole.

Time for another flashback. Cameron likewise wants to chew out Harvey over the missing report. "If I wanted it disclosed, I wouldn't have misfiled it in the first place," he snaps, which makes our hero realize this wasn't a mistake. Cameron defends his action by saying it's for the greater good, and furthermore, he doesn't care if Harvey's comfortable with it or not. When he gives the same line to Harvey that Harvey used on Donna earlier, Harvey's wheels start to turn.

Stephen goes to Mike to try and convince him that maybe a deal might not be a bad thing, which reminds Mike of the time he went with Trevor to meet the drug dealer, who is the most atypical drug dealer you'll ever see on TV. Mike's ability to quote Pulp Fiction somehow saves the both of them from a beating. Unfortunately, they're immediately stopped by campus cops, who haul Trevor off for selling  answers to a stolen test, prompting a very nervous look from Mike.

Back at the District Attorney's Office, Donna isn't convinced when Harvey tries to justify the burial of the report by saying that "it's just one time." She responds by saying that she went back through Cameron's old cases and this is definitely not just a one-time deal. She's intent on giving him a piece of her mind. "If you do this, you're going to keep doing it," she warns. Cut to the present day, where neither Harvey nor Stephen know where Donna has gone to.

Our next flashback introduces us to Harvey's father, Gordon (James McCaffrey - who else is disappointed Stephen Macht wasn't available?), who hits a few baseballs with his son. The two talk about Harvey's brother Marcus before Harvey asks his father's advice on his current predicament. He thinks he can still take a hard line with Cameron and manage to keep his job. Gordon shares Donna's skepticism, saying that even if Cameron believes he won't ask Harvey to cross the line again, "he will."

This leads Harvey to walk into Cameron's office, holding an affidavit in one hand and his resignation in the other. He tries to get through to Cameron, saying that if Cameron's a good prosecutor, he should be able to secure a conviction anyway, but his boss doesn't want to hear any of it, resorting to name-calling. (Really, Cameron? That's the best you've got? What are you, five?) The two don't part on good terms.

Meanwhile, Mike talks to his grandmother (while we're at it, we still miss Rebecca Schull) about Trevor being busted for his transgression. Their conversation leads Mike to turn himself in, in hopes of keeping Trevor from being expelled. The administrator retorts that since they got his daughter in trouble, and by extension him, he's not only expelling Mike, but he's also calling Harvard, ensuring Mike will never go there.

A newly liberated Harvey shows up at Donna's apartment and breaks the news to her, surprised to find out that she also left the District Attorney's Office. This leads to part three of their ongoing conversation: he points out that they no longer work together, and she's armed with a can of whipped cream. She invites him inside, and the audience can easily infer the next part. And flail, and scream, and whatever other celebratory things you want to do at the moment.

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