Something else Suits has figured out that most of us haven't? Flashback episodes. This week, "The Other Time" takes us back even further than last season's "Rewind," a full decade, to piece together a lot of things that need piecing.

Arriving at work the morning after the events of last week's installment, Donna and Louis are both surprised to see Harvey's name added to the wall. She goes straight to Harvey's office to ask him about it, but he's a bit blase about the whole thing. "Why didn't you tell me?" she asks, and he retorts that "Your focus hasn't been where it usually is." She infers that has something to do with her relationship with Stephen, but he tells her that she's generally always known.

Ten years earlier, at the New York City District Attorney's Office, Donna is grilling Harvey about his coffee intake, and when he doesn't believe she's that observant, she rattles off a list of other details she's noticed about him, including the names of several ex-girlfriends. This throws our hero for a moment, before Cameron (guest star Gary Cole) interrupts with a horrible Sean Connery impression. That doesn't stop Harvey from quipping that his assistant wants him. "I'm not into you, I'm Donna," she replies coolly, adding that "If you were ever lucky enough to have me, you wouldn't wanna share." Ouch!

Elsewhere, Mike and his useless best friend Trevor (returning guest star Tom Lipinski) are generally taking up space, at least until Trevor reveals to Mike that he got into Harvard, and then a celebration is in order. This celebration involves getting drunk, making bad passes at girls, and losing at poker to an old nemesis. Pretty standard twentysomething stuff, this.

Back in the present day, Mike visits Harvey and tells him that he doesn't think Ava Hessington's murder case is truly over, as he's discovered that Cameron's been booking hotel rooms and calling in the U.S. Marshals to provide protective custody. "He's got another goddamn witness," Harvey deduces.

In the following flashback, he's called into Cameron's office, where his boss promotes him to head litigator, despite saying that he knows "you've got a deal with Jessica." After Cameron leaves, Harvey gets into the scotch, but Donna thinks that's not a good enough celebration. She suggests a ritual of some sort, and he writes down a suggestion that requires whipped cream. We don't know the rest of it yet, but does it really matter? There's whipped cream involved.

Harvey also wants to revisit their conversation from earlier in the day. "You know you've thought about it," he tells Donna, "and you would." He thinks she's afraid she'd fall for him, and she retorts that if anyone fell for anyone, it would be him falling for her. This horribly charged moment is hilariously interrupted by another of the office assistants, who hands Harvey a misplaced file that causes the smile to vanish from his face. He realizes they left something out and it's about to screw them over. Anyone who remembers the season one episodes "Rules of the Game" and "Dogfight" knows what he's referring to.

While modern-day Harvey admires his name on the wall, Stephen (guest star Max Beesley) wants to know what's going on with the Hessington case, and calmly goes away when Harvey brushes him off. Well, that was too easy. Mike emerges from the elevator saying he knows who the new witness is, and wanting to know what his boss is going to do about Jessica. "I don't know," Harvey admits.

Back in the past, neither Harvey's name nor Jessica's was on the wall; the names there are new to us: Gordon, Schmidt and Van Dyke. Harvey tells her he wants to spend more time at the District Attorney's Office after his new promotion. Her response is to tell him that she and Daniel Hardman are taking the name partners down. "We're lawyers, we're not in the honor business," she says when he questions her approach. Speaking of questionable, Trevor owes money to a drug dealer, and wants Mike to help him by using his test-taking skills for evil. We know how that turned out.