Mike and Rachel arrive at the service for his grandmother, where they run into Mike's childhood friend Tess (Elisabeth Hower), who volunteers a little too much information about her past with him, including how they shared "a lot of milestones" together like prom and sex. She and Rachel try to convince him to speak, which he reluctantly does, telling a story about how his grandmother helped him through the loss of his parents and how he'll remember "that night and everything she has ever done for me for the rest of my life." It's a scene that belongs on Patrick J. Adams' highlight reel for sure.

Mike later opens up to Tess about his guilt over cancelling on his grandmother the night she died, and how it feels like a little bit of ​deja vu​, given that he didn't get to say goodbye to his parents, either. They share a kiss, but then she informs him that she's married, and he decides she needs to get out.

Louis springs yet ​another​ surprise on Harvey: that he's expected to be Louis' second chair in court later that day. Harvey finally (and understandably) snaps, and starts breaking things. That night, he shows up at Mike's place and quickly deduces that Mike is stoned. The interesting part comes when Harvey decides to join him in that pursuit. This is funny for a few minutes, until Harvey finds out about the apartment Mike bought for his grandmother, and decides to open up to Mike about his own not-so-great home life. As a teenager, Harvey caught his mom cheating on his dad, and decided not to say anything about it. "I lived in a house surrounded by family, but I know what it's like to be totally alone," he confides, to which Mike replies, "Your stoned is depressing."

Still stoned, the two of them go back to Pearson Hardman with the intent of causing mayhem. Harvey decides he's going to get the infamous can opener, and finds Louis in his office, which makes him angry enough to shove Louis into the wall and nearly punch him. A terrified Louis runs off, while Mike wonders why Louis was there at all, and his rambling makes Harvey wonder if Hardman planted the now-infamous memo that Donna missed to intentionally start this whole chain of events that we've been following all season. Quickly things start not feeling right: it'd be easy for someone to fake Donna's date stamp on the memo itself, Hardman brought the car company in question into the firm in the first place, Hardman collaborated with Travis Tanner (Eric Close) because he couldn't bring the lawsuit against Pearson Hardman himself, Tanner was the perfect person to throw Harvey off his game...

Harvey decides to confront Tanner at his gym, challenging him to a boxing match. If Harvey wins, Tanner has to talk, and he does, telling Harvey he settled the lawsuit because "that memo was a fraud" and nothing more. Back at the firm, Mike finds something else damning and decides to celebrate by kissing Rachel, who pushes him off because she knows he's not in the best state of mind.

Yet don't celebrate yet: Louis shows Hardman something, and then confronts Harvey upon his return to the firm, wanting him to take a drug test. We know that Harvey can't pass said drug test, which he refuses, much to Jessica's shock. "You were high when you came up with that theory," she tells him, asking for evidence of Hardman's alleged plot, which Harvey does not yet have. Donna interrupts to tell them that Harvey's review, which was triggered by his refusal to take said drug test, convenes in an hour.

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