"High Noon" is the appropriately titled Suits summer finale, and for some reason, that makes me want to throw things. Rare is the TV show that's so good, its absence is a reason to be disgruntled. After ten episodes of setting up all the dominoes, "High Noon" knocks them down perfectly.

We begin as the partners are casting their votes for managing partner, while Jessica and Hardman wait anxiously outside for the results. Louis is still deciding who to vote for while if looks could kill, Harvey's would. Elsewhere in the firm, Jessica wants to know why Mike is at work the day after his grandmother's death. Mike has decided to keep that tragic news to himself, and isn't taking it well either: he's angry with himself and that comes out in his conversation with Rachel. His next ill-advised decision is to go out and find himself some marijuana.

Before we even get to the opening credits, we learn that Hardman has won the vote and will be the new managing partner of Pearson Hardman. This must be among the fastest times in which a TV show has ever resolved a major question. Harvey wants to walk out the door, but Jessica reminds him that they have non-compete clauses in their contracts which would prohibit them from practicing law elsewhere. "We can't stay here, not working for him," he insists, but she would rather wait to make another move. "You really think it's going to take him five years to screw up again?" she replies, which is a fair point.

Harvey walks in to find people packing up his office; Donna informs him that "we're moving to the forty-sixth floor," switching offices with Paul Porter, a Hardman loyalist. This causes Harvey to confront Hardman, warning him that "I'm coming for you." Louis arrives and gloats a bit, before Hardman tries to convince him that Harvey is a problem for the both of them. "Tell me what to do," Louis tells him, and apparently that involves surprising Mike in the bathroom with work, saying that "You belong to me....Your days are numbered here, anyway."

Donna walks out when Louis waltzes into Harvey's office, saying that he's "been asked to redistribute the workload," giving him some work that's beneath him and informing him what he's just done to Mike. When Harvey tries to pawn his new gig off on Mike, Mike unloads on him just like he did with Rachel. "You seem to think you live in this deluded world," he says, the beginning of an angry spiel that causes a scene and gets him sent home, where he promptly gets high.

The next morning he's woken up by a knock at the door; he's forgotten about his grandmother's funeral. Rachel is there with coffee and does her best to pull him together, but isn't thrilled when she finds the marijuana he left out. He makes her think that he's flushed it down the toilet, but in actuality, has done no such thing. He's even having a hard time looking at himself in the mirror.

Back at Pearson Hardman, Harvey is having a hard time getting used to his new office and Donna isn't enjoying her new desk either. "My brain is already too busy being awesome," she tells him, which needs to be on a T-shirt, before informing him that none of the other associates are being made available to him. It's one more way that Louis is turning the screws.