Jessica shows up at the Zane house to see Robert. She encourages him to get rid of Hardman while he still can, trying to indirectly tell him about the other man's misgivings so that she doesn't violate the confidentiality agreement to the tune of a cool fifteen million dollars. He's not interested.

The next day, Hardman arrives for Jessica's deposition to find Donna working the front desk. She claims she's supposed to "personally escort him to the conference room," but in actuality, she leads him to his former office, where she slaps him and calls him something very unflattering for planting the memo that got her fired. Then she hits him again for implying things about her relationship with Harvey. Way to go, Donna!

In the deposition Hardman's tactic is to bait Jessica into breaching that expensive confidentiality agreement. He then wants to make an issue of Jessica's personal life, saying that "she's always been married to her job, and she wants her female associates to be equally committed." That spiel causes Jessica and Harvey to walk out of the deposition, with Hardman still insulting Jessica all the way to the door.

Jessica doesn't want to talk about it later, and wants to know what took Harvey so long to step in on her behalf. "I'm your lawyer, not your husband," Harvey tells her, pointing out that she can't be the named defendant in a gender discrimination suit when they're got a class-action on the same subject. She leaves and he takes a swing at Hardman's name on the wall. Their relationship is clearly strained.

Rachel and Mike see the transcript of Jessica's deposition, and when Mike sees the insults hurled in Jessica's direction, he blames himself. "I have to use this," he decides. "If I don't fix this, there might not be a Pearson Hardman."

The next day he catches up to Monica and says he's "trying to take responsibility" for starting the entire situation. She's bitter and vengeful, calling him an "attack dog," saying Jessica sent him, and refusing to look at the copy of the transcript he's got in his hands. Later on, Louis is surprised to see her at the firm for her own deposition, and it's really awkward between them.

Mike, meanwhile, tells Jessica to get Monica to admit that her affair was with Daniel, because they were both dismissed, which means it wasn't a gender issue. He even hands her a line of questioning. This ballsy idea gets him immediately assigned to Monica's deposition. Unfortunately, when Mike tries to go down that road, Hardman shuts him down. Monica further says that she was sexually harassed by Louis, and makes it sound like he was stalking her. She adds that "any number of people knew," including Harvey. Clearly, Monica's as remorseless as her lawyer.

In the men's room Harvey approaches Hardman about a settlement, but Hardman isn't interested in one. He never was. Why is it all the great scenes in this show take place in the restroom? "Allison Holt, Robert Zane both came after you, and now you have forty-five cases you can't afford," Hardman says. "Any way you slice it, I'm going to bleed you dry."

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