This week's Suits picks up with the bombshell from last week's episode - that Daniel Hardman has returned to be even more of a pain in everyone's behind.

As the show opens, he's taken over the gender discrimination class-action suit from Rachel's father Robert, deposing Sloane Moseley again, which irritates Harvey and Mike. Harvey gets even angrier when Hardman (still wonderfully, sleazily played by David Costabile) hands him a subpoena for a wrongful termination lawsuit against Pearson Hardman by Monica Eton, the woman Hardman was having an affair with while he was embezzling from the firm.

Our hero figures he'll just shoot the case down with a list of Hardman's misgivings, but Harvey then finds out that he and Jessica can't discuss them in court, because of a confidentiality agreement Jessica signed when Hardman left the firm. Jessica orders Harvey to walk Hardman out, which gives the two plenty of time to insult each other. Hardman mentions how Harvey hasn't been made name partner yet, saying that it's a sign of Jessica's lack of trust in him, to which Harvey replies, "She trusted me to kick your ass. Twice."

"What the hell were you thinking?" Harvey asks of Jessica, and says they ought to settle Monica's lawsuit. He also wants to know why she didn't tell him about the confidentiality agreement. She retorts that Hardman is just trying to get into his head, "and I'm trusting you to beat him again now."

Elsewhere, Mike visits Rachel's office and asks for her help on something "a little more personal." She's busy with an application to Harvard and she's a little wound up about it. She insists that if she doesn't go to Harvard, she can't work at Pearson Hardman. Louis approaches Donna for help, too, wanting to get on the Eton case to get his revenge against Hardman. Louis blames himself, at least a little, for the current situation, and says "Revenge is the best revenge." That deserves a T-shirt.

After hours, Mike catches up with Harvey and tries to convince him of potential strategies in the Eton case, but Harvey points out that Mike isn't even assigned to that case, and declines his help. He goes to see the judge and have a hypothetical conversation, asking what might happen if they had a sealed hearing about tossing the confidentiality agreement. It quickly dawns on him that Hardman has already spoken to the judge himself. Hardman is several steps ahead of everyone already.