It's been a terrible week for TV drama fans. First Scandal bumped off a major character, then The Good Wife axed one of its most beloved players, and now Suits is putting the screws to one of its awesome ensemble. Seriously, we're just going to buy stock in tissues after this.

When Louis is smiling and talking about how today is his day, you know that's pretty much putting a target on his back. That's how TV tends to work. Next time we see him, he's late for court and overstressed, and by the time he gets to where he needs to be, he's so wound up that he collapses in the middle of his remarks. This is not a huge shocker - if you had to bet on which member of the Suits cast would have a heart attack, the smart money was on Louis Litt - but that's not the point. Neither is whether or not he'll make it; Jessica tells everyone else that he's going to be fine. It's not the what, it's the how everyone deals with it.

And everyone deals with it differently. Donna immediately goes to the hospital to be by Louis's bedside; Rachel dissolves into tears; Mike and Harvey are tasked with taking over Louis's caseload and keeping his health status a secret from his clients. That last part proves to be more difficult as one of said clients - Tony the Previously Mentioned Corporate Raider's right hand man Jonathan Sidwell - approaches Mike with an unsavory task: help him get out of his job in such a way that he's not trapped by his non-compete clause.

It's about thirty seconds before Jonathan's boss finds out about this idea and is infuriated. He was already visiting the firm to have another soon-to-be-ex-employee tossed aside. Harvey is not impressed by the resulting temper tantrum and says as much, which is one of the many reasons we love Harvey Specter. He doesn't take crap from even the most abrasive clients....even as he goes back to Mike and tells him that he's going to enforce Jonathan's non-compete whether he wants to or not.

By the halfway point, Louis - who has proposed marriage to Sheila (Rachael Harris) and wants Harvey to be his best man at their wedding - is back at the firm. Almost right away, he's approached by Rachel, who is upset that Jessica refuses to honor the verbal agreement she made with Louis that the firm would pay for her law school tuition. Since she presents it as a nameless hypothetical, he doesn't realize what she's referring to, and basically tells her that she doesn't legally have a leg to stand on. And as if upsetting Rachel isn't enough, he then infuriates his new fiancee with his expectation that she'll leave her job at Harvard in order to move to New York. But we all knew Louis isn't great with women. Or most people.

Jonathan confronts Mike, whose actions have caused him to lose the job offer that he had. This prompts Mike to confront Harvey, and declare that he wants to to go legit. He's not happy with the idea of being stuck in the same job his whole life, like Jonathan is apparently about to be. Harvey tells him the only way he'd ever be legitimate is to "go to a small town in Iowa where no one's ever heard of Harvey Specter or Jessica Pearson or anyone else," which of course isn't good enough for Mike. The next day, he switches sides again, and throws Jonathan a legal bone. When it works, he's rewarded with an offer to be in-house counsel at Jonathan's new company.