The title of this week's episode of Suits tells you that things are going to explode around Pearson Darby Specter. (As well they should, given the reveal at the end of last week's installment.) But this is one heck of an explosion. "She's Mine" has the best closing scene of the TV season. What led us to it?

We open with Donna listening to Stephen (guest star Max Beesley) play the piano, while we all take a moment to fantasize about punching him in the face. Thankfully for us, Harvey breaks up this happy moment to confront Stephen about leading Cameron Dennis right to his new star witness, Colonel Mariga. The two have another argument over Stephen's phone being tapped and differing strategies, before Harvey warns, "If I hear your name around my case again, I'm going to beat the shit out of you." Even if Mike isn't sure that Harvey would win that fight. (We respectfully disagree. Gabriel Macht did once lead a SWAT team.)

When Jessica finds out what's been going on, she orders Harvey and Mike to keep Stephen and Edward Darby out of the loop before things get any worse. The three of them go to question Mariga, while Cameron lurks in the background disapprovingly. He informs them that Mariga cut a deal with him to avoid being sent back to his own country, and alleges that Mariga met with Ava more than the one time they know about. Cameron then hands Harvey a record of a phone call, during which Mariga says they talked about what was standing in the way of her planned pipeline.

When they confront Ava (guest star Michelle Fairley) about this revelation, she says "We had a conversation on the phone, but not about murder." Jessica tears into Ava for the omission, rightfully telling her that it makes her look guilty, ignoring Ava's glare and Harvey's warnings to lay off.  In the subsequent 'what just happened' conversation, Mike correctly deduces that Jessica wants to pin everything on Ava's right-hand man Nick Howell. She points out that she can convince a jury that "a number two can betray a number one behind her back," while Harvey actually looks hurt. Or frustrated. Or both.

Donna wants to know why Harvey interrupted her date - given that she now knows her relationship with Stephen bothers him - and is surprised to find out the reason why the two were arguing. When Stephen comes to see her, she's not happy to see him. "When you mess with him, you mess with me," she informs her boyfriend, but the two of them smooth things over after a few words.

Elsewhere at the firm, Louis is surprised to see Nigel back a week early, and inquiring about the whereabouts of his beloved cat. Hilariously overdramatic music plays as Louis phones Rachel, who sneakily picks up the cat from Louis's office but then confronts him in the file room about his desire to keep the cat for himself. Unfortunately for them, Nigel has overheard the whole conversation, and demands the feline back. Louis decides instead to sue him for custody of the cat, with a mock trial. And he wants Rachel to represent him.

While Mike wonders if Jessica is going after Nick because he betrayed Ava, or because Harvey tried to sell her out, he also pays an ill-advised visit to Cameron Dennis, saying that everyone is so busy trying to beat everyone else that "you all have your heads up your asses." He wants Cameron to make a real plea offer. Or maybe he just wants to pick a fight so he can get a sneaky look at some paperwork. You're a sneaky one, Mr. Ross.