When last we left Suits, things went a little crazy, with Pearson Hardman becoming Pearson Darby, Mike and Rachel getting back together in explosive fashion, and Harvey and Jessica at odds. Guess what? Things are still crazy.

A partners' meeting is called in the middle of the night, much to Mike's confusion. "Are you afraid of the dark?" Harvey quips, before explaining that we (as in the two of them) are finalizing the terms of the merger between firms. He goes on to say there's "nothing to forgive" between him and Jessica, and that he thinks Mike "did what you needed to do," but somehow we don't think Harvey is going to let go that easily. Neither is Rachel, who interrupts the meeting saying that Mike is a fraud. She has the cops with her, so it's pretty clear that this is a nightmare. Sure enough, Mike wakes up in a cold sweat.

In reality, Donna finds Harvey still sulking in his office and tells him, "It's Sunday night. Darby needs an answer." She means as to what to do with Harvey's psuedo-ex-girlfriend Dana Scott. "London," Harvey replies. "Send her to London." Donna makes her unimpressed face and asks if he wants to talk about it. He doesn't - he'd rather go to Brooklyn to talk about Deron Williams' contract with an executive from the Nets. After a little jawing, Harvey lets slip about something incriminating that he told Mark Cuban, owner of the rival Dallas Mavericks, and that puts the kibosh on the conversation.

When he gets back to his place, Jessica is waiting and calls him out for "negotiating behind Deron Williams' back." Oops. She has the contract he signed with Brooklyn in her hand, and says he's "out of her mind" for pushing the situation further. The argument expands into her accusing him of trying to get fired. He retorts that he's always operated this way, and as if on cue his phone buzzes with a message from the Nets exec, who's just caved to Harvey's demands. He looks smug while Jessica is rendered silent.

"It's been two days and I couldn't take it anymore. I had to see you," a disheveled Mike says when he turns up on Rachel's doorstep. Apparently he can't stop thinking about their impulsive fling in the file room. She's not thinking about that; she's still angry at him for lying to her. He confesses about his nightmare, and she tells him that she would never expose him to the firm. But Mike's not done. "The real nightmare would be if you didn't want to be with me," he tells her. Rachel asks if he's afraid of being caught, and suggests that he quit before that happens.

The next morning, Mike arrives at work with Harvey still not happy to see him, and so he ends up talking to Jessica, who's given him his own office that he is completely unable to enjoy having. Elsewhere in the building, Louis complains to Donna about the merger, namely how it means he might have to buy his own pens thanks to a new decree from someone named Barbara. Louis Litt as comic relief, yet again.

While Jessica and Darby (guest star Conleth Hill) chat about their new operation, Darby informs Jessica of his intention to assign Harvey to Hessington Oil, because he's heard of the stunt Harvey pulled with Deron Williams' contract. It's an important case to Darby and he won't let anyone else but Harvey handle it, much to Jessica's displeasure. She informs Harvey of the decision, twisting the narrative to say that she assigned him the Hessington case.