Rachel chews Mike out for not quitting, and he correctly guesses that she's more angry about how he has a fake Harvard diploma when she can't get a real one. When he says she has no idea what he's done to get where he is, she replies, "That's the problem. I have no idea who you are." It's trouble in paradise already.

Harvey walks into Darby's office and says matter-of-factly that "I want out." He wants another deal: if he wins this case, Darby tears up his non-compete agreement and fires him. He rants about all the things Jessica has done to him, and over Darby's statement that Jessica actually does want to make up with him, gets Darby to agree to the proposition.

Speaking of broken relationships, Mike confides in Louis about being in the doghouse with Harvey. Louis tries to encourage him by saying that "Batman needs Robin. You help him win, he'll remember why he needs you." All Mike has to do is get access to Harvey's hard drive, via the IT department (and that same guy Benjamin he messed with before), and find out what cases Harvey is currently assigned to.

Upstairs, Harvey is drowning in paperwork until Donna points out that his case started in the London office - so we have a convenient excuse for our favorite closer to reunite with Dana (Abigail Spencer). When he tracks her down at the airport, she wants nothing to do with him. She wants him to "tell me something" and he recounts the first time he ever saw her, before saying that she will "always mean something to me." It's the closest to emotional he's probably ever going to get, and she knows it, so she agrees to help.

Louis's office rampage comes to an awkward pause when he realizes Barbara is actually Nigel, the British Louis that we met last season. He's back and determined to make Louis's life as difficult as possible. Louis takes this revelation to Donna, who tells him that he needs to get Nigel bumped out of his position of power.

Harvey meets Ava Hessington (Michelle Fairley, Game of Thrones), who wants to know why she should even hire him as counsel. He responds by bluntly telling her everything that the investigation into her company is going to find, including bribery and a cover-up. She admits to the bribe and invokes the "everyone was doing it" excuse. Her stubbornness seems to please Harvey, who leaves with a smile on his face. That smile disappears when he sees Mike. The two have another brief argument that ends abruptly when Harvey tells Mike that when Jessica threatened him, he should've come to him. This sends Mike running to Rachel, saying that he's going to tell her everything, and the next morning we find them in her bed together.

Ava and Harvey meet with the U.S. Attorney, with Harvey wanting to know how big the check has to be to settle the case. The U.S. Attorney doesn't want money; he wants jail time because he's running for office. Even when Harvey admits he needs the help, he won't budge.

Back at the firm, when Louis makes a play for Nigel's job, Nigel responds by taking Louis's job as supervisor of the associates. Rachel distracts Donna with a claim that Richard Gere is in the lobby so that Mike can sneak into Harvey's office and drop off a file. If that seems too easy, that's because it was. Donna walks into Mike's office that night and hands him back the exact same file he left. "I know what you don't seem to get," she tells him. "Harvey didn't value you for your help on cases. He valued you for your loyalty."

When Mike responds by revealing that he knows Harvey reached out to Dana for assistance this time around, and asks her to separate their relationship from the one she has with Harvey, Donna retorts that he also betrayed her as she's had his back from his first day at the firm. He tries to compare his situation to her attempting to cover for Harvey last season. Bad move, Mike. "I did what I did for him, not for me," she replies. "And I didn't get a brand new office for it. I got fired."

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