Set 'em up, knock 'em down. That's what Suits is doing this week. After steadily building conflict to a turning point last time out, now it's time for some fireworks.

Harvey wants to know where Donna is, but if he knew, he probably wouldn't want to know. He thinks she's at the dentist, but we know that she's in bed with Stephen. Harvey doesn't have time to wait to further interrogate her. He and Mike are soon arguing a motion to dismiss in front of the presiding judge on the Hessington case, alongside Cameron and his ever-prevalent mustache. They can't get the case dismissed, but that wasn't actually the point. Harvey gets what he really wanted: an expedited trial. Then the guys decide to kick it up another notch by aiming to get Cameron thrown off the case, which they can only do by proving he colluded with Tony, the corporate raider that set his sights on Hessington Oil. Game on...even if it's not eloquently stated as such.

Mike: Turn Bullsh!t Highway into...Fact Highway.
Harvey: Fact Highway?
Mike: Yeah, it's right next to I Don't Want To Talk About This Anymore Lane.

Nice try, Mike, but no extra brownie points for you on that one.

Back at the firm, Louis is irritated to find out that Nigel hasn't been in the office since he took over the associates, and Donna worries about keeping her relationship with Stephen "there" separate from her work with Harvey "here." Stephen is amused by this, just before he walks into Harvey's office and tells him that although Ava lost her company, his deal with Darby to become managing partner is still valid, provided that Harvey wins Ava's murder trial.

Encouraged, Harvey reveals his strategy to Stephen, who says that he can do better, and is willing to bet on it. Unwilling to pass on the chance to one-up the new guy, Harvey takes the bet, which makes Stephen his new number-two guy on the case, much to Mike's annoyance. However, Mike immediately understands what's up when he vents to Rachel, and Rachel reveals that Donna slept with Stephen. He then takes Rachel along with him on his next case, making her the Mike to his Harvey.

While Louis confronts Nigel about his "memos from a distant land," and Nigel makes jokes about Louis being home-schooled, Harvey takes Stephen with him to meet Tony, and they serve the corporate raider with papers for a pending lawsuit in London. Tony responds by showing his bravado by burning a $50,000 bond in front of them. Harvey pressures Tony to admit that he colluded with Cameron, but he doesn't answer. Because let's face it, if he did, this would be a really short episode. Although anyone with half a brain should really just do what Harvey Specter tells them to do.