Darby isn't thrilled with Jessica keeping the decision to attack Stephen from him, but that's okay, because Ava isn't thrilled with Darby keeping secrets from her. She slaps him for it, leaving him to stand there with Jessica and lament his affair with Ava's father, and how Ava pretended to be his girlfriend to keep that relationship from being exposed. "I sent Stephen out there to help her. I didn't know what he'd do," he reflects, pleading with Jessica for "a way to help."

Jessica's response to this request is to show up at Harvey's apartment (at least she brings alcohol), officially trade apologies with her closer, and tell him, "You're family to me, and you did what [Darby] didn't. You came clean." She also has an idea. Cut to a slightly inebriated Harvey visiting Mike, and sending Mike to visit Clifford Danner (Neil Brown Jr.), who since being exonerated by Harvey and Mike, is working as a busboy at a diner. When Mike asks him to talk to Cameron, Clifford balks, still full of anger at being wrongfully convicted in the first place. Yet when Mike reminds him "I broke the law to get you out," Clifford reconsiders.

As Louis explodes after Rachel informs him that Harold got one over on him with their alleged settlement and sets out to wreck Harold's future with his new firm, Clifford - now with Harvey in tow - meets Cameron. His second attempt to change Cameron's mind fails, as Cameron crashes Harvey's uncomfortable meeting with Jessica, Ava and Darby just to offer a plea deal of eight years in prison. "He's not going to prison and you know it," Jessica says, but Harvey insists that he's not going to allow Ava to serve a day. As all seems bleak, Darby suggests that he'll say that he confronted Stephen, and Stephen admitted to his crimes. This is obviously a total lie, but Jessica asks Harvey if he can convince the uber-competitive Cameron 'that this is a win," and Harvey reluctantly admits it's their best option.

He and Darby find Cameron in the bathroom, and Darby tells Cameron his story, off the record. Harvey suggests that Darby pleads to an obstruction of justice charge, does five years probation, and testifies at Stephen Huntley's murder trial in return for Ava's freedom. He finally gets through to Cameron, who tells him to "draw up the paperwork."

But wait, we're not done! Donna finds Stephen at a bar, telling him "maybe you're not as bad as I said you were. You're much worse." Part of the deal is that she got to break the news to him, just before a pair of FBI agents swoop in to arrest him.

And that's not even the biggest bombshell of the evening. All the other lawyers negotiate Darby's plea deal, and Darby is shocked to find it includes him forfeiting his license to practice law in the United States, which means he can't be a member of the firm. It effectively dissolves the merger, and a defeated Darby signs the deal, while Harvey and Cameron actually manage to exchange compliments. They'll never be coffee buddies, but at least it's something.

As we close, Rachel wants to know why Louis has such a severe issue with Harold. Louis tells her that he sees Harold as his failure, and after some gentle prodding from her, he decides to accept Harold's original settlement offer. While Ava is already in the wind, Harvey finds Donna waiting for him outside the firm. He tells her to keep the car, suddenly feeling like walking instead. After all, he's got a lot to process, and since we're just two episodes away from the midseason finale, he's probably going to have a whole lot more.

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