Suits ended last week with the best single scene of this television season. (And because that's an incredibly awesome moment, we show it to you again during the 'previously on.') How do you possibly follow that up?

"Endgame" picks up right after the end of "She's Mine." Donna's pulled out the first aid kit and is tending to Harvey's wounds, while he insists that he's fine, because he's a guy. When she berates herself for not seeing what kind of a monster Stephen Huntley was, he tells her it's okay and reassures her that Stephen will pay. After telling Mike that they're not going to talk about what just happened and getting a good night's sleep, Harvey confronts Edward Darby (recurring guest star Conleth Hill) in Jessica's office the next morning. Darby claims innocence, but Harvey and Jessica can't believe he didn't keep a better eye on his pit bull. Jessica tells Darby that he's going to do something about it.

Donna gets back at Stephen (recurring guest star Max Beesley) in her own way by locking him out of the firm's computer system. "How can you live with yourself?" she asks him, before chewing him out in her awesomesauce Donna way and capping it off by revealing that Darby just signed his pink slip. You have to love Donna; while the rest of us probably would've throttled the guy again right there, she just stays cool and collected, because she's Donna.

Harvey and Mike are back on the offensive with renewed zeal, starting with Mike sneaking his way into Colonel Mariga's hotel in hopes of getting an audience with the prosecution's star witness. When he slips the security guard the old lacrosse team photo of Mariga with Stephen, that does the trick. Mike tries to convince Mariga (guest star Kevin Hanchard) to stop protecting Stephen, but Mariga is holding firm because it'll save his own behind. Harvey makes a personal appeal to Cameron Dennis (recurring guest star Gary Cole), hoping he'll do the right thing morally if not legally, yet his old boss isn't willing to play ball either.

In other news, Louis is back in control of the associates, and already chewing them out thoroughly. Rachael is aghast at his behavior, but it's clear Louis is still bitter about the mock trial from last week. He's so bitter that he stalks Harold to his new office at Bratton Gould. Harold understandably isn't happy to see him, but when Louis tells Harold the real story behind his dismissal from Pearson Hardman, Harold turns on Mike. He also decides to pick a legal fight with Louis, filing suit against one of Louis's clients. Though the two quickly decide on a settlement, there are still plenty of insults flung about.

But that's really an afterthought this week. Harvey's surprised to see Donna in the hallway before he's about to head into court for Ava Hessington's murder trial; she's there wanting to see Stephen made to pay for what he's done. On the witness stand, Colonel Mariga sticks to his story about Ava (recurring guest star Michelle Fairley), leading Harvey to decide that their best choice is to pursue Stephen. As if on cue, Stephen walks into their strategy meeting, and threatens to turn on Ava if they accuse him of anything. Undeterred, Harvey returns to the courtroom and summons Stephen as a rebuttal witness, telling a surprised Cameron that he's about to hand him the real bad guy "on a silver platter."

While Donna watches from the gallery, Stephen almost immediately and repeatedly invokes his Fifth Amendment right to protect against self-incrimination. Cameron decides he has a few questions for Stephen himself, including asking him why he's suddenly in the crosshairs, and Stephen proceeds to reveal that Ava asked him to bribe witnesses. It looks like a double whammy for our heroes, or a triple one when Ava snaps at Mike for not telling her that Stephen is the real guilty party.

Harvey's not thrilled with Cameron, who claims that Harvey didn't convince him to go after Stephen and furthermore, isn't happy that Harvey didn't tell him about Ava trying to bribe anyone. "Lawyers, killing people? That's a hell of a firm you've got your name on, Harvey. Must be proud to have left the DA's Office for that," he quips.