This week's Suits has some nasty fallout for Donna over the memorandum that wasn't but actually was - and Mike heads back to the courtroom with another chance to prove himself. What ​we​ learn is that this phenomenal show has an irreplaceable cast.

Harvey's approached by an acquaintance about a 16-year-old tennis phenom that he's trying to sign. Seems the kid's father is in the way of his professional aspirations, so the kid wants to be legally emancipated. Therefore, you bring in Harvey Specter, who represents Michael Jordan. "You may not have set out to raise a prodigy, but fact is, you did," Harvey tells the kid's father, which does not go over well.

Mike thinks the kid's a bit misguided, and tries to convince him to change his mind if only to preserve his relationship with his father. Their conversation has the opposite effect: the kid alleges physical abuse, sending Mike to court to free him. Mike soon realizes he's been played - and that Harvey's friend knew about it. Boldly, Mike tears up the paperwork and walks away.

But the real thrust of this episode is Donna's predicament. She's got a damning memo from 2008 with her signature on it, and the firm is still trying to fight off the lawsuit from Frank Tanner's family that Travis Tanner instigated. To that end, there's Allison (Diane Neal), whom Hardman has brought in to represent them. Harvey doesn't like Allison, even moreso after she tells Jessica that she believes he needs to be kept on a leash. Donna remains on edge, taking her nerves out on Rachel and making a covert attempt to shred the memo that's foiled by Mike. He makes it clear that if she doesn't tell Harvey what happened, he will.

Allison then subsequently must depose Donna and puts her on edge by accusing that either Harvey buried the memo himself or she buried the memo on Harvey's behalf. Donna storms out of her deposition, so Allison wants Harvey to sign an affidavit saying that his office never received the memo. Mike, knowing Harvey would be lying if he signed it, purposefully spills coffee on the document and then tells Harvey everything.

This leads to an immediate confrontation between Harvey and Donna that includes the loaded line "Maybe you shouldn't be my boss anymore," which visibly stings our favorite lawyer. He's further shocked when she admits she destroyed the memo after her failed deposition. It's perfect work between two veteran actors who clearly elevate the material far beyond what's on the page, and what's on the page is pretty fantastic. It is the best single scene of season two and one of the series' best scenes, period.

Harvey has no choice but to tell everyone the truth, and deal with the consequences - including a settlement offer from Tanner that involves Harvey being stripped of his senior partnership and reported to the New York Bar Association. Jessica therefore has to make a difficult decision between her firm and her friend. The show keeps us on pins and needles through the final act, when Jessica tells Hardman to let Allison go and reminds him that she's not going to let him take his old office back. If you thought everything was okay, it's not: Jessica tells Donna that she's fired, effective immediately...and that's what we get to think on for a whole week.

And don't forget the last scene, where Harvey watches Donna leave the firm for a decision she made, then turns to see Mike still standing there despite being the biggest liar of them all. He's aware of the disparity and so are we.