Mike consoles Harold and then tries to persuade Louis to give him a break, which Louis will only do if Mike takes personal responsibility for Harold. Mike comes back to Harold and tells him that there was nothing he could do for him, sealing Harold's fate.

At the same time, Harvey and Donna have a discussion about what it will take to close every one of his clients. "No one is leaving you," Donna tells Harvey confidently. Mike then walks into Harvey's office and points out that all the associates jumping ship are from Louis's first class - sending Harvey into Louis's office to call him a traitor, which doesn't end well. When Louis dares to say that he did nothing wrong, Harvey wrecks his desk and points out all the things Louis has done in the past to screw him over. "I will never trust you," he says emphatically. "You and I, we're done." It's one of Gabriel Macht's best monologues of the season, and perhaps of the series.

That evening, Louis is drinking alone when in walks Allison, and it's clear that he set up a meeting with her. "I'm leaving Pearson Hardman because there's no room for me anymore," he tells her, adding that "Harvey wants me gone, and he has a way of getting what he wants." She tells him that there might be a partnership position at the other firm for him, but when he insists on senior partnership, she retorts that "you're going to have to prove how much you want it." Ominous music cue follows.

Mike and Harvey discuss why Trent isn't returning their calls, during which Harvey has an epiphany, taking Mike with him to meet Trent. Trent explains that Allison represents a hedge fund that owns a controlling interest in a company that's setting up a great merger for him. Harvey wonders aloud what's in the deal for Allison, and persuades Trent to let him look over the paperwork. After that meeting, Mike gets assaulted on the street by Tess's husband, who leaves him with a bloody nose.

Louis approaches Jessica and asks if she will waive his non-compete clause in order for him to join the other firm. He explains that he approached Allison after he "got Harvey's message," though he doesn't give specifics about the incident in his office. Jessica responds by telling him that she'll let him go, but she doesn't want him to, which seems to strike a chord with him. It doesn't stop him from cleaning out his desk, though.

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