As audiences learned in last week's episode of Suits, things at Pearson Hardman are still very much in turmoil - so what better time than to re-introduce an old adversary?

Mike is starting to come around - at least he's cleaned up his apartment. At the firm, Donna meets Harvey at the elevators, pressing him for information about his date with Zoe. When she deduces said date didn't happen, she offers him ice cream, but Harvey is not amused. Donna moves on to tell him she has a meeting with somebody named Trent and also lets slip that Mike is not there yet, which irritates Harvey.

He goes to the meeting alone and reassures a panicky Trent, who blurts out that he's nervous about "the changes around here...this firm just went through a battle and I know it." He tells Harvey that he has to "consider my options" about both his IPO and his future relationship with Pearson Hardman. Harvey's not the only one with issues: Louis is complaining to Jessica about having to rescind his hiring offer to Maria, and Jessica tells him that it's time for him to move on. Louis's idea of 'moving on' is to unload on poor Harold.

When Mike does arrive at the firm - with coffee for Donna, no less - he must deal with the wrath of Specter. Harvey doesn't take well to Mike's suggestion that he "ease up" and nearly takes his head off. It's obviously going to be a great day at work for everyone.

That evening, Donna talks to Harvey about being way too hard on Mike, and he confides in her about what happened with Zoe. "I don't think kicking the dog is going to help," she advises. Meanwhile, Mike is already drinking, and runs into Jimmy (returning guest star Pooch Hall), who asks about his bad day. Jimmy tells him how happy he is as an associate at another law firm - he even has an office. Jimmy offers to put in a word for Mike at his new gig, and lets slip that there are others from Pearson Hardman jumping ship.

This sends Mike to Harvey's doorstep to tell him about the other firm poaching both associates...and clients. Harvey correctly deduces that it has something to do with Allison Holt (returning guest star Diane Neal), who Daniel Hardman brought in and Jessica fired earlier htis season, and who is now working at the rival firm. Harvey and Jessica confront Allison, with Harvey pointing out that she met with Hardman six days earlier, but Allison is still that annoying kind of confident that makes you want to slap her. Unfortunately, no one does.

Back at Pearson Hardman, after finding out they've lost the client he assigned Harold to keep working on, Louis publicly fires Harold. To add insult to injury, the audience learns minutes beforehand that Harold just got an unfortunate tattoo - so now he has no job and he has to live with something that was supposed to be a shark but looks like a manatee. Double ouch.