The pair then persuade Liam and his mother (Jennifer Dale) that Liam needs to turn himself in. "I've been where you are right now," Mike tells Liam after he's booked, explaining about his own drug-related indiscretions. He assures Liam that he'll be home in time for dinner.

Meanwhile, Louis has lunch with Sheila (Rachael Harris), who already knows that he's made senior partner. He's called her to help him find a new associate, and perhaps for something else besides. She's not only lined up interviews for him, but she tells him to meet him at her hotel the next night with "coconut oil, a ski mask and duct tape." Kinky.

Mike and Harvey meet with junior prosecutor Katrina Bennett (Amanda Schull) in hopes of negotiating a plea agreement for Liam. Unwilling to budge an inch, Katrina tells them that Albert died after the accident, which makes the charge against Liam a felony instead of a misdemeanor.

Louis's first interview is with Maria Monroe (Aarti Mann), who pushes him around almost from the word 'go'. She tells him she has standing offers from the top three firms in the city. This is enough to get him to send away the other folks he had planned on interviewing. "I have to have you," he tells her, and she responds, "That's what they all say."

In Harvey's office, Mike gives Harvey an interesting piece of information: that Albert Chung was an art school dropout who was tagging a nearby building and running away from the scene at the time Liam hit him. "I think you missed your calling as a fake cop," quips Harvey, who sends Mike to throw this new knowledge in Katrina's face.

When he does, Katrina agrees to take the deal as a "favor" to Mike. When a suspicious Mike asks what she wants in return, she tells him she wants to come work for Pearson Hardman. "If you were to put a word in with Harvey, I would appreciate it," she tells Mike, who isn't sure if he's secured a plea deal for Liam or agreed to a bribe.

"I don't want to hire another associate ever again. The one I picked causes me enough headaches," Harvey tells Mike when Mike informs him about Katrina's desire for a job interview. He doesn't give Mike a chance to catch his breath, instead assigning him to negotiate a monetary settlement with Albert's family. Mike tells Harvey the story of when a lawyer visited his grandmother to offer a settlement following the death of his parents, and a not entirely unsympathetic Harvey authorizes him to pay the Chung family as much as $100,000.

Mike and Rachel have another confrontation in the file room when Mike asks Rachel to keep the fact that Tess is married to herself. He calls her judgmental and she snaps back that she's had an affair before, too - that she pursued a married man. "You have no idea what you passed on," she adds as she leaves. "And I'll tell you something, Mike. What you're doing, it only ends one way."

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