While it may not be the most tension-filled finale in Suits history (the midseason finale was a little higher up that scale), "War" is a fine way to close out the sophomore season, as it both wraps up this chapter and leaves the audience wanting the next one. Like the current season of Justified, the second half of this season of Suits quietly shifted focus away from external antagonists, and on to the characters who were already on the playing field. The tension between Harvey and Jessica has been far more nail-biting to endure than the conflict between Jessica and Hardman, even as much as we loathed Hardman. Battles are far more tense when they're among friends, because they're that much more personal.

The lack of resolution in this episode proves that the once-mighty alliance between Harvey and Jessica is no more, and that's going to be a really interesting part of season three on many levels. How long will they distrust each other? Will that distrust mean that Harvey - and by extension, Mike - will be on a much shorter leash than we've been used to seeing? We know that the characters aren't going to go anywhere, but that doesn't mean things won't be dysfunctional at the new Pearson Darby (assuming that's what it's called).

And what will that new firm be like? While it would make sense for Darby and Dana to stay gone - no doubt he'll need to go back to London, and she doesn't contribute too much to the show, not to mention that the idea of lone wolf Harvey being tied down in a committed relationship holds little appeal - things could still be upended professionally as well. The writers have plenty of room now to jump time forward and introduce changes or even new characters brought over in the merger. It's essentially a brand new ballgame, especially since audiences are aware that the Suits writers are unafraid to throw some sucker punches (see: Donna's firing, Zoe's departure, and most famously, Mike's grandmother's death).

Which brings us to Mike and Rachel. They finally seem to be together after all the roadblocks, and it will be interesting to see if they stay a couple, considering that with the reveal of his secret, Mike no longer has to worry about the chief reason he broke up with Rachel before - his inability to be honest with her. Audiences will no doubt be upset if they should bust up again, so one hopes they're in it for the long haul this time. However, let's also hope that the show doesn't fall into the pattern of having someone finding out about Mike's secret be a part of every cliffhanger. First Jessica at the end of season one, then Rachel at the end of season two...obviously he can't keep hiding from everyone forever, but let's not overuse that particular device.

Still, there's a lot to love here, and a lot to spend our time arguing over and speculating about until Suits comes back in the summer. And that's another reason this show is fantastic: because even though it's over, it feels like things have only just begun.

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