Why does Suits have to end already? It's clear that this is the best-written show on television, and in particular, it knows how to deliver endings with a legitimate bang. "War" is another solid closer that has us already waiting for season three.

Mike and Jessica are having a very tetchy conversation in her office. Anything that involves him saying "Harvey will never forgive me" isn't good. But Jessica snaps back that Mike's problem isn't with Harvey - it's with her.

Six nights earlier, the whole of Pearson Hardman is at one expensive party, along with the members of the British firm they're about to merge with. While no one gets along with anyone else, Harvey approaches Mike and asks if he brought it, "it" being some damning paperwork which documents three lawsuits against one of the incoming firm's clients. Our hero then hands it over to Edward Darby, the head of the other firm, and promptly exchanges fighting words with him. If Harvey can beat him in court, the merger is off. But if he loses, Jessica demands that he embrace the merger, extends his non-compete clause, and gets used to not having his name on the door.

The next morning, Harvey isn't thrilled to see Dana Scott (guest star Abigail Spencer) waiting for him, and the two have it out on the street. "What'd I do that was so terrible?" she asks, and he reels off the list of previous people that've tried to attack Pearson Hardman before telling her, "If you want to get your name on the door, get it at your own goddamn firm." Pwned.

Back at the office, Mike greets Rachel with coffee and finally hears from her that she didn't get accepted into Harvard Law School. Rachel tells Mike what Louis let her believe about it being Louis's fault, and Mike isn't happy with that information. Speaking of Louis, he's irate when he sees British lawyer Nigel apparently charming Donna. Both Nigel and Louis are assigned to compose an "efficiency list" for the upcoming merger, so the competition is on, beginning with a confrontation in the Pearson Hardman bathroom (because every great episode of Suits involves at least one scene in the bathroom).

Darby arrives for an unscheduled meeting with Harvey, and exchanges Downton Abbey references with Mike before being called "Benny Hill" by Mr. Specter. Darby gets the last laugh, though, telling Harvey that he's about to freeze his clients' assets. He thinks giving him a heads-up will allow for better competition. This further riles Harvey, who probably ought to check his blood pressure.

Rachel tells Mike that she plans to go over Sheila's head to the higher-ups at Harvard, and wants him to sign a letter from himself to support her. Mike's response is to go to Louis and tell him that he knows what happened. This forces Louis to tell Mike the real reason why Rachel didn't get into Harvard. Mike tells Louis that either he has to come clean, or Mike himself will have to break the news.

Following that, Mike sits in on another tetchy meeting between Harvey and Darby, calling him out for violating international law by freezing their clients' assets. Darby retorts that he did no such thing, and that by filing the action in response, they've opened their clients up to a charge of malicious litigation. He visits Jessica, who mentions that Darby is leaving New York to take meetings with other firms. Darby is worried that Jessica can't control Harvey. "If I can't beat him, he won't respect me," he tells her, and she responds that "You're afraid you might lose." When she uses the word we, things suddenly get a whole lot more tense.