Suits didn't just throw the TV rulebook out the window, but set it on fire first and then scattered the ashes somewhere. With its season premiere, the show proves yet again why it's unequivocally the best program on television.

After a slow opening - the montage does little plot-wise except to tell us that almost everyone is getting laid - we find Mike at his new job with Sidwell Investment Group, making a pitch to Walter Gillis (Michael Gross, from Family Ties and who we'll always see as Elise's dad from Dan Vs.), to sell his company's DVD distribution centers. "You don't do this, you may as well send out an invitation for a hostile takeover," he comments, and says that he sympathizes with the other man's desire to protect the employees that work in said centers, but makes clear the company is in trouble one way or another.

Closing the deal, he lets him stew and returns to his new office with Chinese food for his new assistant, Amy, who seems like the poor man's Donna. She warns him that boss Jonathan Sidwell is in a bad mood, but Mike is overconfident that the closure will save his behind. He's wrong. Jonathan chews him out for having been there three months and not having delivered anything profitable enough. "I want you to get your head out of your ass, stop trying to save people's jobs, and start making us some real money - or go back to being a lawyer," is the criticism. You can see it in Mike's face: his new job isn't the great thing he thought it was when he said yes.

Rachel is in Harvey's office, but he isn't, because he's having a "morning meeting" with the latest conquest. "He did it yesterday, too," Donna chimes in helpfully. When he finally does waltz into the building, he's got a ton of swag and no shortage of pithy quips - very much like the Harvey of season one. Jessica does not care, and tells him that Logan Sanders (Brendan Hines from Lie To Me) wants a meeting with him. "He's going to want to make his mark," she warns, but Harvey as usual does not really care what anyone else wants. He's also back to checking out women in the office that aren't Donna.

Mike is waiting when Harvey gets back to his office, and it's clear from the banter that everyone's still giving him a hard time about his change of profession. He has a proposal for Harvey: he wants to buy Gillis Industries and keep it alive, rather than sell it for parts. Harvey tells him that's a bad idea, but Mike - who has his own level of arrogance now - says that his idea is going to happen whether his former boss likes it or not. If you needed another reminder that he's a different man today, he even banters with Donna on the way out, teasing her that Amy is better than her. "Start running," she retorts, and he wisely exits.

Hey, Katrina (Amanda Schull) is back! She tells Louis that the SEC is sending somebody named Jeff Malone after them. They both agree that Louis defeating Malone would be his stepping stone to senior partner. But when he approaches Harvey to discuss this idea, he chickens out.

Harvey decides to give Rachel the rest of the day off not for her, but as a message to Mike that he doesn't give a damn about his idea to save Gillis Industries. "If this was anybody other than Mike, you wouldn't be acting like this," Donna comments, reminding him that Mike's a client "and you need to start treating him like one." Harvey still won't budge, so the question is just when and not if his assistant will tell him 'I told you so.'