Following the exemplary Suits premiere, things are uncomfortable at Pearson Hardman. No one knows that better than Jessica, who has an awkward conversation with an overeager Mike in the elevator, then arrives to find the office being renovated because Hardman's decided to redecorate in preparation for his return as managing partner. To Jessica, this breach of territory is "an act of war."

Meanwhile, we get a slo-mo shot of Rachel as Mike stares openly at her before trying to convince her that he wasn't blowing her off. When he can't form words, she kisses him again instead, but still leaves looking less than thrilled. Yep, Mike's blown it again.

"Give me a gun, tell me where to point it," Harvey tells Jessica once she decides to go on the offensive after Hardman. She needs him to make sure all the departments are happy, and he's convinced they all love him, until Donna reminds him that he ticked off "a couple of guys" from Real Estate and that's only the start. She rattles off a list of unflattering adjectives applied to Harvey by various departments at the firm. "People just don't like that he's right all the time," Donna explains.

Jessica assigns Harvey, and Harvey then assigns Mike, to check out Paul Porter in Bankruptcy. Mike naturally goes to see Rachel, and while he's there informs her that he's broken up with Jenny and asks her out on a date, which she accepts.

While Mike wins over Rachel, Harvey tries to schmooze Porter, offering his help with one of Porter's major cases in exchange for Porter's support of Jessica. Afterward, he and Mike visit the client in question, Tom, who's deeply in debt and refusing to file bankruptcy as Porter's advised him to. "What are my other options?" he asks. Mike has an idea. You can practically see the light bulb going off over his head.