"This is all your fault," Louis tells Harvey in the resulting argument, saying that everything that's happened is on him. What makes that moment so effective is that ​Louis is actually right​. While Donna certainly has her fair share of culpability, her actions are still connected to Harvey. That's not what we want to hear in "TV land," being that Harvey is our protagonist and someone we've come to rally behind, but it's the truth whether we like it or not. It's another example of how ​Suits​ has had numerous opportunities to take the easy way out, the proverbial road more traveled, and has avoided it every time. This is not going to be the show that neatly wraps itself up every forty-two minutes, and the audience is better off for that.

After apologizing to Donna, Mike goes back to the office and is determined to go through boxes upon boxes of material if it means he finds something that could lead to a settlement. Zoe gives Jessica the idea to put Harvey on the stand and force him to reveal that he's not a jackass all the time. He'd rather be held in contempt than show his compassion, however, because he's sticking to his usual position that it's a sign of weakness. What he thinks doesn't matter, though, because the examination has the desired effect on the jury. Jessica pretty much emasculating Louis doesn't hurt, either.

But just when you think we're headed for a big legal battle, Travis visits Harvey with another settlement offer that he's not happy about delivering, which takes Harvey's disbarment off the table but costs each of the senior partners a fair amount of money. It's what the firm needs, even if it's not what anyone wants. What made Tanner blink? Hardman found something on Tanner that he's not willing to share with the class. Jessica brings the settlement to the senior partners, and it's Harvey who ends up casting the deciding vote to take the deal. But all's not well that ends well: Hardman also uses the same gathering to call a meeting with the intent of ousting Jessica from her role as managing partner. Again, not a surprise, but still worthy of yelling at your television when it happened. This show is ​that​ good.

After giving us some great guest actors​ last episode, this week ​Suits​ is all about its outstanding main ensemble. First, however, let us not overlook the guest appearance by Jacinda Barrett, whose performance is absolutely worth all the talk we've been having about it since her casting was announced. Setting aside the fact that she's the wife of the show's star, she's a great actress in her own right and a welcome addition to the show - one that we'll get to see again next week in the long-awaited flashback episode. And it's her birthday, too, so let's all wish her a happy birthday.

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