Suits left us with a near-perfect season finale. It's a difficult act to follow up a great episode - but damned if this show doesn't come back with an equally fantastic second-season premiere.

As we rejoin Mike, he's nervous as hell because he's been invited to dinner by Jessica. He's convinced that means she knows his secret, until Harvey tells him that each of the last five senior partners was taken to dinner by Jessica when they were first-year associates. "We can discuss the prom at recess," Harvey adds, more interested in a pending merger he's working on.

Flash-forward: Mike's at dinner with Jessica, who wants to know about him. She asks him what Harvard's like, which we know that he doesn't know. Instead, he tells her about his childhood, and how he realized school "was like a joke." He says that even at the mighty Harvard, he wasn't like the other kids. Nice save, Mike! But why did he get into the law? Well, that's not so fun. We see him freeze for a moment before he tells Jessica how his parents were killed in a car accident on their way home from dinner when he was eleven. He visibly struggles with recounting how helpless he felt. "I didn't want to feel that way ever again," he says, and we know that's not a lie.

"Harvey was right," she replies, before leaving him with the dinner bill. Jessica returns to the office, where Harvey still is. He wants to know why she didn't tell him that she was taking Mike to dinner - and she informs him about Trevor's allegation. She had him checked out, and he came back "squeaky clean," except for that there's no record of him doing any undergraduate work prior to Harvard. Whoops. "I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt, that you didn't know," she tells Harvey. "What you're going to do is fire that goddamn kid."

The next day, Donna's interest is piqued when Harvey uses "please," "do me a favor" and "thank you" in the same sentence. She proceeds to pick up on at least three different cues that something is wrong with him. There's a reference to Harvey's brother and his mother (can we get Gabriel Macht's brother Jesse to show up now?) before Donna deduces that Mike's secret is out. "Does he know?" she asks Harvey, and we realize that Mike has no clue. He's telling Rachel about his dinner with Jessica, as Harvey is telling Donna he has to fire Mike or Jessica will.

A hyperactive Mike walks into the office and tells Harvey what's holding up the Swinton merger: a former employee named Myra Harrison claiming the company stole one of her ideas for someone else's book. We don't see or hear what happens, but a dazed Mike leaves Harvey's office a minute later. Donna walks back in to ask what happened, and then realizes Harvey couldn't fire Mike. "You cried and you let him stay," she says, and ribs him for his emotional moment. He turns it back on her, pointing out that she wasn't listening in on the conversation like usual. What's he going to do next? Buy them some time. And why was Mike so out of it? Harvey told Mike that he was proud of him.