Out on a dinner date, Jenny's roommate offers Mike a thousand dollars to use his "genius" to take the LSAT's for her. This makes Mike bristle, but when he goes to visit his grandmother (Rebecca Schull) at her apartment, he realizes she needs full-time care that he can't afford. He takes the offer in order to get the five grand he needs, and an illegal enterprise is born.

At Pearson Hardman, Donna meets new hire Rachel, whose father happens to be a name partner elsewhere, and says, "You're weird. We'll be friends." Through their conversation, Donna discovers that Monica has Pilates every Tuesday. Why is that important? It matches up with Hardman's own absences from the firm. Harvey catches Hardman and Monica in a hotel room together, and tells Hardman that he's going to sign a resignation letter and name Jessica his successor, unless he wants to see Alicia in three minutes. "Ruthless" would be putting it lightly, but that's how Harvey operates.

When he arrives back at Pearson Hardman, Harvey walks right into shocking news of his own: Donna tells him that his father had a heart attack and has passed away. His reaction is yet another moment we can add to the list of reasons why Gabriel Macht is one of the best actors working today.

The following day, Jessica confronts Monica, saying that she'll implicate her in Hardman's embezzlement unless Monica resigns from the firm, and at some point later on Hardman throws a phone at Jessica's head. Jessica fulfills her end of the deal by giving Harvey partnership and her old office. Before anyone can get maudlin, Donna declares, "Finally, an office big enough for your balls." She decides to break out the can opener, and this time it involves three dozen thumbtacks. Figure ​that one out.

But it's a bittersweet victory, as Zoe has decided to leave the firm, at least in part due to Harvey's ambition. "I don't like watching what it's doing to a man I care about," she tells him when she lets him know she's quitting. She thinks he's lost his way because he's celebrating his promotion rather than grieving his father.

In the present, Louis tells Hardman that Mike found Monica, which leads Hardman to confront Jessica about it, and Jessica in turn goes after Mike. We discover at the episode's end that Jessica, in fact, knew about this plan all along, because people are just that crafty around Pearson Hardman.

Yet there's one unanswered question: where was that train going? Harvey visits his father's grave, and reflecting on what he's lost five years ago and now emboldens him to say, "I'm getting Donna back." And if that line didn't make you cheer, you must be dead inside.

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