The deconstruction of Suits continues in this week's episode, where we really start to see the nefarious (I can think of no better word) Daniel Hardman make moves within the firm that bears his name and the show is bolstered by a top-flight guest star. It's another week where USA's top original series continues to take chances, and that so far has been a winning formula.

Mike gets home to find his grandmother sitting on his couch, and realizes that he missed a planned dinner with her. She quips that he doesn't care about her, and he retorts "That's why I put you in a home." Touche, Mr. Ross.

Jessica formally introduces Hardman at a staff meeting, and when he says she's still the head of the firm, you know he doesn't really believe that. We move on to the firm's needing to settle an impending nurses' strike at Prescott Hospital, which she handed to Harvey. Hardman wants to help with it, and invites himself over to Harvey's office to do that. "I'm just glad to have someone in the room who pisses you off more than I do," Harvey quips before he finds out he's still in trouble with Jessica. She wants him to put Hardman in his place.

Harvey shows up in Hardman's office and hands him a random ​pro bono​ case to distract him. "When you stick your nose in my cases, that's another story," he says, reminding Hardman that he doesn't need his help. "I respect him, but I don't work for you, and I sure as hell don't work with you." He then proceeds to gloat over settling the nurses' strike fairly quickly, but unfortunately, his opponent is head nurse Nell (the award-winning Margo Martindale, previously Mags Bennett on ​Justified​). She rejects their proposal, leading Harvey to decide to seek an injunction.

Meanwhile, Louis is in his office plotting evil things to do to Harold when Jessica arrives and tells him there are issues with the treatment of their associates, so much so that Harvard wants to rescind their on-campus recruiting privileges. Louis freaks out and tells the associates to convince a rep from Harvard, Sheila Sazs (that's Rachael Harris) that everything is lovely at the firm. Mike refers to Sheila as "female Louis."

Hardman shows up in court as Harvey's prepared to argue for his injunction; seems he beat Harvey to the punch and got a temporary restraining order, which was exactly what Harvey ​didn't​ want. The look of pure anger on Harvey's face is another example of how Gabriel Macht can say so much without verbalizing anything. "Would you like me to thank your face with my fist?" Harvey snaps outside the courthouse, to which Hardman retorts that he shouldn't mistake change for weakness. He's clearly got an evil plan up his sleeve, but that's no surprise given the previous two episodes.

Annoyed, Harvey goes to the hospital where his new BFF Nell tells him Hardman was already there. He is unbothered by this and continues to put the pressure on, encouraging her to let the nurses strike and see how long they last. "What the hell is wrong with you?" Hardman asks when he finds out, as that's exactly what he ​didn't​ want to happen. "People say I'm emotionally unavailable," Harvey quips, but Hardman is not impressed. Instead, after Harvey mentions Mike had the same idea about going after a TRO, Hardman calls Mike into his office. He wants Mike to go to Nell and see what she needs to close the deal - essentially negotiating behind Harvey's back.