Suits is back after the holiday break, and charging full speed ahead with its usual careful co-mingling of professional warfare and personal conflict. Besides, any time you manage to hire Neal McDonough to be on your series, you're pretty much guaranteed to have an awesome show.

Donna has decided to invite herself into Mike's office to give him a lecture on the events of the last episode. "Don't ever betray me again," she tells him, and leaves just as quickly as she arrived. Her awesome appearance even gets a compliment from her wannabe counterpart Amy. After she leaves, Mike gets called into Jonathan's office - because Jonathan is finally coming around on Mike's plan for Gillis Industries. With one big caveat. "You have a week to de-leverage my company," he's told. "If you don't, you're out of a job."

Meanwhile, Harvey is hanging out in New Jersey on the doorstep of Eric Woodall (Zeljko Ivanek), who claims that he's not the mastermind of the attack on Pearson Specter. He points Harvey toward someone named Sean Cahill. When he gets into the office, Jeff Malone (D.B. Woodside) isn't happy that Harvey's doing what he's supposed to be doing. "You're not handling the SEC," Jessica reminds Harvey, but we all know Harvey's going to find at least one opportunity to get involved eventually. Likely more than one. As in, every available.

Logan wants a word with Rachel; he's already planning his next corporate takeover, and he wants her to evaluate five potential targets before an upcoming board meeting. Things are still clearly testy between them. Speaking of testy, it's time for Louis, who correctly predicts that Harvey needs his help with the temporary restraining order from a while back.

He represents the team at the subsequent hearing, and gets his head handed to him by Mike, principally because Mike chooses just before court to tell Louis that his ex-fiancee Sheila is now engaged to another man. It takes an utterly enraged Harvey five seconds to inform Louis that this other man is actually "a photoshopped picture of Lorenzo Lamas from 1998." Yeowch.

Jeff and Jessica meet Cahill (yes, that is the fantastic Neal McDonough from Justified and Boomtown, who is pretty much a professional villain of the highest order), and it's not a civil meeting. Cahill claims he's an equal opportunity attacker, and challenges them to take the entire SEC down, before revealing that Malone was about to be fired from the agency when he defected. "I lied because it doesn't matter," Jeff insists to Jessica after the meeting. "The reason they were going to fire me was because I refused to come after you."

Louis tells Rachel about Mike's Sheila-related ploy and Harvey's meltdown - so when Mike gets home, his girlfriend is not happy to see him. "Mike, I know you want to win, but do you have any idea what your lie did to him?" she asks. He tries to justify it as "a strategy" and goes on to say that the damage is worth it compared to the amount of lives Logan's takeover would ruin. Hey, Mike, we're going to have to side with Rachel on this one.

The next day, trying to pick up the pieces, Malone takes Cahill to a judge with the accusation that he was told to target Pearson Specter clients just before he left the SEC. The judge doesn't necessarily believe him, but does warn that if one client leaves Pearson Specter "and their charges miraculously disappear," Cahill would be looking at jail time.

And while Rachel's relationship with Logan gets even icier, Mike approaches Tony about investing in Gillis Industries, so that he can de-leverage Jonathan's company and keep his job. Tony's not interested, and tells Mike to get the hell out of his office - where he finds Louis in the lobby and realizes that Louis got him back twice as hard. "You used the woman I love to extend your goddamn TRO. You knew how I felt about her and you did it anyway," he says. "I will never, ever forget it until the day I die."