All is supposed to be right in Suits-land. After last week's episode, Mike is back where he's supposed to be, Logan Sanders has been drop-kicked to the curb, and there was even an unintentional connection to Strike Back. Everything's fine, right? Of course not, because major changes in life - and on this show - never happen without some kind of consequence.

Mike and Rachel are still sleeping apart, though they both look a lot worse because of it. At least Rachel's crashing in Donna's fabulous apartment. Rachel's conscious of the fact she currently has Mike's old job, and seeks advice from our favorite redheaded assistant, who suggests that she "let things be. They'll turn out the way they'll supposed to."

How does she know this? Because she slept with Harvey, a fact we've known since "The Other Time" but none of the other characters have been aware of until now. When a slack-jawed Rachel asks if Donna would have pursued a relationship with Harvey, "I would have wanted to try, but he wasn't ready...Everything turned out the way it was supposed to."

Cut to the man in question, who's bantering with Jessica as they both head into the office. Jessica correctly points out that Harvey is there way too early because it's Mike's first day back, a fact Harvey refuses to admit to. When they get upstairs, Sean Cahill (Neal McDonough) is there, serving them a search warrant for all the documents related to the Gillis Industries case. Jessica matter-of-factly informs him that he's welcome to try and find what he wants amongst a bunch of conveniently unsorted files while they take the situation to a judge, and they'll see who gets done first.

It's not surprising that Mike gravitates toward Harvey's office upon his return. "You have no idea where to go, do you?" Donna asks. "Not a clue," Mike replies. He's been moved into the office Harvey had when he was an associate. Furthermore, Donna informs him that he's already got plenty of work to do. And Katrina reveals to Mike exactly what Louis gave up to get him back.

All this happens while a judge revokes Cahill's search warrant, and Jessica angrily tells Harvey to "collude with that fraud and get us the hell out of this." Ouch.

So now the Wonder Twins are working together again, while the building is buzzing about Mike's return to the firm. Our boy wonder profusely thanks Louis for bringing him back, and then Louis has a mini-meltdown when he finds out from Mike that Cahill is sniffing around, because he knows what he did to close the deal. He goes back to Satan - er, Charles Forstman - in an attempt to undo their deal. Dramatic music swells as Forstman not only balks, but suggests that Louis throw Harvey under the bus.

After Mike blows up at Rachel and walks out of the building, he gets approached by Cahill, who first offers him an out and then does the "I know where you live" shtick, leading Mike to believe Cahill never had authorization to surveil the two of them (as he did in "Pound of Flesh") in the first place. Everyone shows up in court the following day, where Cahill drops his own request, but now claims he's working on behalf of the last name Mike wanted to hear: Logan Sanders, who's been granted immunity in exchange for cooperation with the SEC.