After last week's morally uncomfortable revelations, it's back to business at Pearson Darby. With the events of the last few episodes officially getting messy for everyone involved, Suits spins an episode that plays many different characters off each other and lets us enjoyably see what happens.

Neither Harvey nor Louis are thrilled to find out the attempted takeover of Hessington Oil is coming to a head, with a vote for control of the company scheduled in 48 hours. They both hate the idea but, as usual, are coming at it from different perspectives. Louis and his new minion Katrina want Ava Hessington to make a public statement to bolster her credibility, and even as Harvey and Mike disagree, Louis reveals ava is already on her way to a press interview. Dammit, Louis.

The solution to this sudden problem? Mike gets on the phone, fakes an accent, and pretends to be Ava's personal assistant, while Harvey confronts Ava. "I don't particularly appreciate being muzzled," she complains, while Harvey makes his 'Seriously? Do you know how frustrating you are?' face, as perfectly illustrated at the top of this article. Just before she storms out, she reminds him that her problems are his problems. If you're scoring at home, Harvey could probably use a large bottle of aspirin about now.

Meanwhile, Rachel calls Donna out for looking excellent (when does she not, really?) just before Stephen Huntley (recurring guest star Max Beesley) interrupts their break room conversation. This is, of course, so Donna and Rachel can talk about Stephen. Rachel thinks he's into her and Donna promptly corrects her that she is the intended target, revealing that Stephen asked her out the week before. "I don't mix business with pleasure," she protests, but Rachel tries to persuade her that it wouldn't be a party foul since Stephen is based out of London and only in New York temporarily.

Louis finds out that Harvey and Mike blew up Ava's interview and angrily confronts Harvey, pointing out that while Ava is Harvey's client, Hessington Oil is his client. Harvey thinks those are the same thing, but Jessica interjects and overrules him, saying that Ava needs to step down. Harvey retorts by saying that it's not her call to make, because Darby assigned him to the case and it's Darby who has a controlling interest in the firm.

Jessica is quietly furious, and Mike isn't happy either when Harvey assigns him to keep an eye on Katrina so there aren't any more surprises. We're reminded that if Ava loses her company, Harvey will likely lose Darby's support to become managing partner of the firm. On that note, Louis tries to align himself with Jessica, and when she refuses his help, he also takes a shot at her authority. Ouch.