Jessica tells Harvey to find out what Stephen is doing there, and he's happy to do so. Particularly when Donna tells Harvey that Stephen is in town for a month, Harvey's suspicious, of both the new arrival and Donna's interest in him. He invites Stephen to lunch, although with the reveal that he paid the other man's hotel bill and checked him out. That prompts Stephen to drop a bombshell of his own: Darby sent him to help Harvey take over the office from Jessica. As if this isn't awkward enough, Cameron interrupts, because he's conveniently everywhere. He's like a crazy stalker with a mustache.

While Mike and Rachel officially start using the word "girlfriend," Rachel finds out that Katrina has pulled an elaborate computer prank embarrassing Mike in an effort to curry favor with Louis. As grating as Cameron is, in one episode, she has actually managed to become worse.

Mike doesn't have time to deal with this, as he and Harvey are meeting with Ava to discuss Cameron's witness list. Once again, her answer to everything is "bribe all the things." Her lawyers are not enthused, and Harvey flat-out tells her it's not happening. Since she didn't get her way, Ava responds by firing them, making her look just a bit like a petulant child.

Harvey refuses to accept this, and warns Mike not to retaliate against Katrina while he's at it, because he's going to take care of it himself. He walks into Katrina's office, and coldly informs her that while he's not firing her, her future at the firm is toast - but that he will fire her should she cross Mike again. With that taken care of, he goes back to work - cursing when he sees Ava leaving the office with Stephen Huntley.  Clearly, she's found another lawyer who will cater to her agenda...or so he thinks. When he confronts Stephen, the other man tells him that he informed Ava to stick with Harvey, "more or less."

Upstairs, Harvey tells Jessica they "dodged a bullet," but adds that he has to "go repay a debt." Cut to Mike in Ava's office picking up settlement paperwork that will keep Cameron's witnesses off the stand, and her telling him that Harvey's "picked a good number-two." And then there's Donna, who leaves work to find Stephen rolling up in his sports car, wanting her to take a ride with him. She informs him that she's not that easy, and when he departs, she tells herself "I'm in trouble."

There are also some personnel moves: as if you didn't see this coming thirty minutes earlier, Katrina the Shrew has officially joined Team Litt, while we find out that poor, put-upon Harold, who left the firm last season, now works for Allison Holt (Diane Neal).

But there's always a last-minute plot point to chew on at the end of every Suits episode, and this week it's Mike telling Harvey that he agrees with Harvey's previously unspoken opinion - that Ava is guilty. Harvey responds by revealing to Mike that he "made a deal with Darby to take over the firm from Jessica." That means all the cards are on the table between the two, which is good, because judging by how things are going, they're going to need each other.

On the Suits episode scale, "Unfinished Business" feels very much like one move within the context of the long game. Viewed by itself, there's nothing here that's particularly revelatory. But taken as part of season three as a whole, it advances the narrative in several ways. It introduces a key recurring character in Stephen Huntley, and sets up his flirtation with Donna. It also mends other relationships, like Rachel and Donna having made up, Mike finding out about Harvey's takeover plans, and Mike and Rachel officially using the word "girlfriend." It's even nice to hear where Harold ended up.

Of course, the same question we ask ourselves every week is, "Where is all this going?" and by that token, this episode is harder to judge, for obvious reasons. It's safe to assume most, if not all, the things introduced here are for a reason, unless the writers have a change of heart somewhere down the line. So while on one hand, it would be a relief never to have to see Katrina Bennett again (with no offense intended to Amanda Schull, who is a fine actress simply playing an insufferable character), one has to assume having her around will amount to something. Likewise, while we might be tempted to penalize this episode for how Cameron just seems to be everywhere Harvey is having lunch, maybe it doesn't matter in the grand scheme of his story arc, whatever that may end up being.

Suits has put a lot of pieces into play this week, and made it fairly clear what it intends to do with all of them. It's now our turn as an audience to sit back, relax, and see how those moves ultimately change the game.

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