Can you believe we've reached the midseason finale of Suits already? Neither can we. But after nine episodes of consistantly excellent work, episode ten blows it all out of the water, for both good and evil, but mostly good.

Bringing everything from this season and then some back into our memories, "Stay" opens with a really uncomfortable conversation between Harvey and his ex-flame slash current nemesis Scottie (returning guest star Abigail Spencer). He apologizes and tries to convince her to honor the existing dissolution agreement before things get any more chaotic. She remains convinced that she's going to right Darby International. They still don't see eye to eye, but they're ultimately on the same page, whether or not they like it.

Things are even more tense between Mike and Rachel, because Mike doesn't want Rachel moving across the country to go to law school at Stanford, and he thinks that it should be an easy decision for her. In fact, he's still as big a tool in the box as he was last week, and he leaves her looking uncomfortable.

The next morning, Harvey tells Jessica that Scottie still isn't going to honor the agreement, which prompts Jessica to tell him they have no choice but to handle Ava Hessington's lawsuit on their own terms. Harvey doesn't want to broker a deal with Ava, and he definitely doesn't want to see Travis Tanner (returning guest star Eric Close), who's her new lawyer and still as smug as he's ever been. Tanner tells Harvey that "Ava has no intention of letting her off the hook," but Harvey correctly deduces it's less about what Ava wants and more about Tanner's desire to renew their rivalry. Harvey then wins the comeback of the year award by telling Tanner to call his mom.

After Harvey tells Mike who they're facing off against and the two trade high school-related barbs ("emotionally, you never graduated," Mike quips), Louis is reunited with quirky recruiter Sheila (returning guest star Rachael Harris), and Rachel tries to convince Mike that a long-distance relationship can work. He responds by saying that her going to Stanford most likely means that their relationship is over. He might be right, but could you try to say at least one positive thing, Michael? But if they don't break up, Jessica might break them up. She's not thrilled that they're dating, because it presents another opportunity for Mike's secret to be exposed, given who Rachel's father is.

A freaked-out Mike shows up at Harvey's apartment looking for personal advice, which is just all kinds of awkward. Harvey is absolutely no help whatsoever, except for offering Mike the morning off to get his head on straight.