You are currently filming Season 3 of the Showtime show ‘Gigolos’, what’s in store for your viewers?

We are set to film Season 3 fairly soon and the best I can offer as far as what’s in store is: shaking things up a little bit!

How have you dealt with the fame that comes with being on a TV show, especially a show like ‘Gigolos’?

Fame, ha well it’s a little different than I’d imagined it would be. Its humbling how people now look up to me, which I try to use in a way to add a little bit of encouragement and happiness to I come in contact with. I remember the first time someone chased me down and said “You’re that guy from that show, I love you” It was a little shocking and sweet in an odd way.

I’d say if anything it amplifies both the good and bad in life, you have people who root you on and people who try to bring you down – just more so being in the public eye.

When you were first approached to the show, what was your immediate reaction?

“Verbatim? “Are you going to pay me?” (a little laughter) I thought it would be (potentially) a good vehicle to lead me to bigger and better things.

What’s it like working with Richard Grieco?

It is almost laughable, I mean I grew up watching him on ’21 Jump Street’ (which I can’t believe they turned into a movie btw), but he is a good person on a soul-ullar level so that was what impressed me most.

How do you get along with the other guys?  Do you hang out when you’re not filming?

We get along. In any walk of life, in any job you have, there are those you relate more to than others. Being that we all are trying to jump start our own separate business ventures, it makes “hanging out” in between filming sometimes hard.  But when our schedules permit, yes we do – and it usually has trouble written all over it when more than 2 of us go out together though, haha.

How would your cast members describe you?

Sarcastic, Quiet and all around genuine person.

How did you get into your current line of work?

Oh that was covered in season 1 and frankly has too much of a back story for print, so those of you that missed it, go buy Gigolos on DVD 

How’s your love life?

Love life, heck I don’t even remember what that is anymore, amusingly enough I’m single, focused on re-branding myself and getting into a few other endeavors. That’s not to say that I don’t want one, I simply don’t have one and don’t plan on settling just to have someone to keep me company at night.

What advice can you give to the average guy to be a better lover?

Be attentive, LISTEN to women, not only with your ears, there’s innuendo, body language and little hints dropped along the way. Watch some old Cary Grant, Clark Gable and Rock Hudson movies, try to emulate THAT kind of man versus Mike Sorrentino.

What makes a woman a good lover?

Realize that men are simple. (no, I mean simpler than that) If your man busts his butt to provide for you, just do something simple for him, have a bath waiting for him when he gets home. (not everyday because then it becomes expected and mundane) Lets put it this way, women like to get flowers for no reason other than to say “I thought of you and well I love you” as blunt as it may seem, give your man a BJ just because it’s Tuesday – oh and enthusiasm is key - no one likes a sad BJ.

How many orgasms do you think you’ve had? 

In my life or just today? 

What’s your dream job?

Oddly enough its not so much a job per se, but I am the eternal rooter for the underdog. Life, as you all know (hopefully) is hard enough just on the day to day – minus all of the external bs that comes and goes into our lives.  Sometimes people just get stuck in a rut or are dealt a crap hand in life and heck if I can in some way help them better their lives, then THAT seems to be something worth leaving behind when we die. So its not a dream job, its just the mark I want to leave on the world. My job as is is most men’s dream job but life should have more meaning than what you do for work – its about character and who you are that defines you.

What’s next for you?

Well I’m working on a clothing and fragrance line amongst a few other hush hush things, just keep your eyes peeled because with any luck you’ll be seeing a lot more of me.

Where can we stalk you?  (FB, twitter, website …. )