It's a new month, and a new episode of Strike Back: Origins. Episode two of six airs tonight on Cinemax, and we've got a teaser for you, as well as some brand-new behind the scenes material.

Porter (Richard Armitage) continues his attempt to infilitrate the terrorist group that kidnapped a journalist in the hope that he can then bring her home, while his former colleague turned new boss Collinson (Andrew Lincoln) watches with a wary eye, mostly because like all TV bosses, he doesn't have any other options.

Here's a clip of Porter trying to stop a planned execution.

But that's not all. Cinemax has provided us additional production video, including selections from brand-new interviews with series stars Andrew Lincoln and Richard Armitage, who recall their Strike Back experience along with series co-executive producer Dan Percival. Check out the fresh two minutes below.

Strike Back: Origins continues tonight at 10 PM ET/PT on Cinemax. 

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