Mysterious street artist Banksy "bombed" a billboard in the middle of Hollywood as a publicity stunt to gain attention and support his documentary, Exit Through the Gift Shop, which is nominated for an Academy Award.

The film follows Los Angeles thrift store owner/videographer Thierry Guetta's project documenting street art. Guetta happens upon famed graffiti artist Banksy - whose real identity is a mystery - and their roles reverse as Banksy takes over documenting Thierry's own affinity for becoming a street artist.

The billboard sits opposite the Directors Guild of America (DGA) building on the Sunset Strip, above famed gas station "Norm's 76." According to, Norm's son said that fans of the artist gathered throughout the day Wednesday to photograph and admire the artwork.

Unfortunately the piece is gone now, as the billboard company that owns the adspace ripped down the sign, upsetting fans. TMZ even reports that employees of Norm's offered $10,000 for the work. Even the company that put up the original ad - The Light Group - was upset that Banksy's art was removed.

A rep tells TMZ, "We're extremely pissed ... It's our billboard that got tagged .. it's not their billboard ... [billboard ownes] CBS clearly has ZERO appreciation for art!!!"

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