Hayden Panettiere was about to present Lady Gaga with the Best Song Award for Born This Way at the European Music Awards when a streaker decided to take the stage!

The man, later revealed by the Daily Mail as Irish actor David Monahan, joined the actress on stage without a stich of clothing on. Hayden looked half frightened and half amused by his appearance, but offered him the microphone. He joked "Hello, apparently the only way out is back that way."

"So um, enough about me... you were in that show Heroes, yeah?" David continued while some in the crowd cheered - and others made noises in shock.

Hayden kept her composure and invited the nude man to grab something to drink after the show, to which he replied, "I would love that. Um, I don't have my phone on me though. You know what? I'll just leave you to it and I'll see you at the after show." He then raised his arms into the air and ran off the stage, leaving the bewildered actress to continue the awards show.