Strangest Things People Have Purposefully Eaten

Some people, as children, may eat something that they shouldn't have once in a while. Such as a piece of plastic or rubber from a toy, or just something small enough to put your mouth on. However, some people will take this from childhood and will continue to gouge down on these items, some even making a living off of it through the shock of their viewers.

Some, however, will just take the shock by eating something crazy just out of the idea of entertainment; or dares.

Here is a list of some of the dumbest things people have actually eaten, that they definitely shouldn't have. Enjoy:

Live Bees:

Live Bees

There has been a strange trend on Youtube where people will challenge themselves to eat live bees on video. Eating insects aren't really that shocking these days, as many of you know there are many cultures and different forms of life and ways of eating. However, typically those who eat insects will eat them while they're already dead. In Japan, there is a delicacy called Hachinoko; or bee larvae, although again, they're already dead before consumption.

These people, on the other hand, will eat live bees, or wasps. Bees that are still buzzing and still have that kick to fight back and aren't afraid to use the stinger on their ends in retaliation.

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