Rocker Stevie Nicks owes her songwriting success to the boyfriend who broke her heart at the age of 15.

The Fleetwood Mac star reveals she was so devastated by the split, she was inspired to pick up her guitar and pen her very first tune.

Nicks recalls, "I have a lot of amazing memories, and I really do pull from my past (when songwriting)... (My first song) was about the first boy that I fell in love with, who was, like, the guy in 10th grade and I was so taken with him. We went out for, like, a month, and then he started going out with my best friend and that ended in two weeks.

"Then the summer happened and I picked up my guitar... and I wrote a song about him."

And Nicks confesses she still has feelings for man who started it all.

She continues, "I sometimes wonder had it not been for that experience... because even now I'm still really good friends with him. He lives in Michigan (and) he brings his wife and comes to the show. And even now, when he walks in the show, I have to say... my heart still skips a little bit of a beat. I was 15-and-a-half!

"But I wonder sometimes, had that not happened, would I have gone so fiercely into songwriting? I'm not sure."