Steve Martin refuses to dye his trademark white hair. The 'Man With Two Brains' star says whenever he does change the colour of his locks, his films flop. He is quoted in Daily Mirror newspaper as saying: "One of the rare times I took account of a review, it said 'Watch out when Steve Martin goes for the dye!' So I know not to."

The 60-year-old - who plays Inspector Clouseau in a new Pink Panther film - also revealed he took French lessons to try and perfect the accent for the movie. The comic star got so used to speaking with a French voice he even slipped into character when he was off set.

He revealed: "It would happen all the time.

"I almost lost my girlfriend over it." However, the 'Saturday Night Live' veteran was very careful not to offend real French people with his comedy turn.

Martin is quoted on website Dark Horizons as saying: "I don't know that there are French jokes in the movie, There's nothing anti-French, I don't think, that I can think of.

"And that's not where we come from, to try and insult a country."