While most people know Bindi Irwin as The Crocodile Hunter's irrepressible daughter, those closest to her know that she deeply believed in her father's mission to protect wildlife. So in early 2006, Bindi and Steve Irwin began filming Bindi: The Jungle Girl to help get more children interested in wildlife conservation.

Despite Steve's untimely death later that year, Bindi and her mom Terri, with the support of their family, friends and staff at Australia Zoo, decided to carry on Steve's legacy and finish filming the series. Discovery Kids Channel is proud to announce that Bindi: The Jungle Girl premieres Saturday, June 9, at 5 PM ET/PT as a weekly series.

In Bindi: The Jungle Girl, Bindi introduces viewers to the wonderful world of wildlife from her cozy treehouse set high up in the rainforest. While interacting with a wide variety of animals from koalas to elephants to snakes, Bindi explains how all animals -- both cute and not-so-cute -- need to be respected and protected.

Both of Bindi's parents, Steve and Terri, along with Australia Zoo director, Wes Mannion, drop into her treehouse to join in the fun and share their stories of adventures into animal habitats from across the globe. Bindi: The Jungle Girl also features "Bindi's Blog," where she shares her unusual life as an eight-year-old with kids around the world and answers some of their most frequently asked questions. Bindi's own special group of wildlife warriors, The Crocmen, pops in with exciting "Croc Facts" and fun animal-themed song and dance routines.