True Blood star Stephen Moyer recently jetted to Las Vegas - just to buy his new wife Anna Paquin a gift.

Moyer and actress Paquin tied the knot last August but the actor admits although most would guess the wedded bliss has worn off, he's still a romantic.

And to prove his continued affection for his wife, Moyer flew to Sin City just to pick up a priceless piece of memorabilia, which he knew Paquin would love.

During an appearance on Live With Regis and Kelly on Tuesday, he said, "I am fairly romantic... I flew to Vegas to buy something for Anna recently, which was pretty cool. I went, because she couldn't go. I went to see Amir Khan, who is a British fighter, we love our boxing, and I went and I got her his hand wraps from the fight.

"He signed them, and I went and brought them back for her. She is boxing-obsessive."

And despite being well into their marriage, Moyer insists their relationship continues to improve with time: "Married life is just fantastic. I'm constantly surprised at how much it just gets better and better. I didn't think it was possible but it's true... I waited a while (before) doing it. I auditioned a lot of people and... I just knew when I met her (she was the one)."