If you aren't a fervent reader of Marvel Comics, you probably don't know that there's a job opening for a new Captain America.

After Steve Rogers is defeated by a villain who literally sucks the super soldier serum from his body, he immediately ages the 60 years staved off by the serum. With him out of commission, the shield must be picked up by Sam Wilson, who is better known as The Falcon. Falcon was featured Captain America: The Winter Soldier and played by Anthony Mackie, but don't expect Anthony to play the hero any time soon.

Stephen Colbert, who was given an honorary Captain America shield by Marvel in 2007, talked with chief Creative Officer Joe Quesada about the change on The Colbert Report. While Colbert was disappointed he wasn't in line to become the next Captain America, Joe did have an artist come up with a concept of Colbert being the next Falcon.

Joe was also sure to mention it was "comics only," although we know Chris Evans has little desire to continue playing the character beyond his current contract. That may mean this change, like many things in comics, is only temporary.

Such was the case in 2007, when Captain American was shot and presumably killed. About a year after Bucky Barnes (The Winter Soldier) took over as Cap, it was revealed that Steve Rogers was shot by a special gun that "froze him in space and time." ... Yeah. Soon after he was revived.

We expect the same to happen in the comics in about a year, except Rogers will be injected with the serum and return to his place as one of Marvel's most bankable heroes. Or maybe he'll come back as a woman, like Thor.