First of all, I need to apologize for mistakenly announcing this week's episode of How I Met Your Mother was going to be a repeat from last season. Considering Monday night's episode revealed some major plot points, well, I take full responsibility if you missed it.

So, Stella (Sarah Chalke) is officially not the mother. She is on the ferry, headed back to New Jersey to spend her life with the father of her child (Jason Jones). Does anyone else feel a little set up with the last two episodes considering the soul searching catharsis Ted (Josh Radnor) experienced, well, twice? Perhaps that should have been a sign that this may be for the best, considering a few trinkets around his apartment almost prevented Ted from moving to New Jersey.

At the beginning of the episode we learn Robin (Cobie Smulders) has already moved to Japan. This is odd considering we could have had an entire episode devoted to her departure, but, perhaps, they were trying to avoid getting too sentimental seeing as Robin has already moved back to New York by the end of the episode. So yes, a character arc I had predicted would last four, maybe five, episodes wound up lasting a total of ten minutes. Robin moved to Japan and moved back to New York in 10 minutes of our viewing time. Curious.

Stella's sister had her wedding plans fall through at the last minute so Stella and Ted decide to be "spontaneous" and take over as the guests of honor. Ted invites Robin -- during the 10 minutes she was in Japan -- but Stella balks at the notion an ex-girlfriend of Ted's would be invited. I have to admit, this seemed contrived. Let me get this straight: Robin is invited to Stella's home for an evening of fun but is out of the blue is not allowed to come to the last minute wedding? Stella had to know Ted would invite her. One would think that Stella's apprehension toward Robin would have been addressed at an earlier time.

Marshall and Lily (Jason Segel and Alyson Hannigan) advise Ted -- considering Robin was already on her way from Tokyo (or so we believe, thanks to Barney (Neil Patrick Harris) -- on how to break the news to Stella that, yes, Robin will be attending. They advise to wait for the next minor wedding crises to happen, solve the problem, become the hero, break the news. Problem does arise -- Stella's ex will not allow her daughter to attend the wedding -- Ted tries to solve the problem; the problem gets worse by, somehow, Ted inviting the ex to the wedding who, as mentioned earlier, leaves the wedding with Stella.

So here we are back to square one. Not entirely a surprise since there was an absence of the mysterious yellow umbrella being discovered in Ted's apartment. I almost want to rethink Robin as the mother considering tonight's events, but it just seems there is no way. Robin was not at the St. Patrick's Day bar and, of course, the "Aunt Robin" line from the very first episode. it does appear, though, she will need a place to live. It appears this is the circumstances surrounding her presence at Ted's apartment we found out about last season during a flash-forward.

My best guess? If it is someone who has been seen before in an episode ... does anyone remember the girl Ted bumped into last season at the aforementioned St. Patrick's day bar? (Check out the clip HERE!) It was just for a split second. Why have that scene if it did not mean something? Anyway, that's my best guess. I am open to any other theories.

Story by Mike Ryan

Starpulse contributing writer