Jerry O'Connell was pumped up on herbal wide-awake pills while shooting his new TV show "The Defenders" in Las Vegas, so he'd stay sharp for the 14-hour days on the city's famous Strip.
The former child star admits he developed a twitch that he wasn't aware of until he saw the series' highlight reel - but he thinks the drugs did work for him, and gave him an edge onscreen.
O'Connell, who plays an attorney opposite Jim Belushi in the new show, tells WENN, "For some reason, we did a 14-hour work day. We got to work at 1 a.m., and then we were finished at 3 or 4 p.m. the next day.
"I had to go to the store at Planet Hollywood, the little convenience store they have there, and I was buying these, like, don't-sleep pills...They were a herbal zip-up. I was trying to be natural in my taking of these pills every two hours, but then I was very concerned about what my performance would look like - if I'd look like a crackhead.
"It actually added another level to it. But I did get a twitch in my eye that was like some sort of nerve thing that I didn't even know existed in one's face. It took a couple days for it to go away. It's pretty intense shooting in Las Vegas."

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