The Middle shows an all-American family, the Hecks, and finds humor in the daily struggles every family faces. This weekend, the stars of the show plan to celebrate Mother’s Day with their real families.

Patricia Heaton will be the real working mom who holds the family together. “My kids, if they even remember it I’m lucky so I’m going to make some plans for myself,” she said. “We’ll probably go out to eat. Tomorrow I’m going to go to a store and pick out something nice for myself and have them come get it and wrap it up for me.”

Even though Neil Flynn is not married and does not have children, he still celebrates Mother’s Day in a quirky way. “I’ll just call mom,” he said. “I usually send her an animal of some kind, a live animal. Now it’s been 40-some years so I’m running out of things. I’m sending her an eagle this year.”

The show’s young actors honor their moms the old fashioned way. Atticus Shaffer is making his own present. “I am going to make her a very special card,” he said.

Teenager Eden Sher will offer her services to mom for her one special day. “We’re going to take my mom out to brunch probably and I think I’m going to clean the house for a little bit,” Sher said. “That’s what she wants.”

The Middle airs Wednesdays on ABC.